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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,084

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Full-on nazi, the only place left for Rump to go. rec, nt.

Far right US psy-ops people definitely helped bring us tRump in the first place,

and helped keep him propped up, and are helping him now.

No one supports me, tRump blubbered.

Another trump hump who is a pedo.

He knows all the best people.

Also, their hero tRump deserves all the credit for the same vaccine.

'I hope for due process, not mob justice', sez the guy who is caught on film

admitting the rioting mob into the building that houses the government from whom he desires due-process-not-mob-justice.

He's either a moronic repuglinazi, and thinks 'this sounds good, lofty'. Or he knows what hypocritical nazi pieces of shit he and his coompas are, and is laughing up his sleeve as he delivers his 'not mob justice' line to normal Americans.

I was especially impressed by Schoen's "will of the people" gambit.

He showed a montage of different Dem politicians saying that one purpose of the impeachment was to bar shitler from running for office again.

He was outraged that the Dems were trying to thwart the will of the people, he said, while he was defending Rump from charges that Rump threw an insurrectionist riot to prevent Congress from upholding the will of the people.

Schoen is trying to outshine Lindsay's statement that Pelosi is to blame for the rioters who attempted to kill Pelosi, or the many repugs who stated that the thousands of well known tRump megafans who rioted were lefty BLM and Antifa supporters.

3 more:




Looks like all their q shit is pure projection.

Right. Smart and responsible policies are obviously the repug party's brand. Dickhead.

Delay, play for time, traitor.

I can hardly wait for Lindsay's gambit to fail, then when Rump goes down, he'll release the blackmail he has on Lindsay
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