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Polar ice and sea temps

At this link (not hot) you can see the sea temps and extrapolate sea ice content from the temperature bars displayed.

weather.gc.ca/data/analysis/351_50.gif C+P in your browser

At the top of the map and to the left is Russia. Center to top right is the N. Europe with the US in the middle bottom.

You can see that the temps near the Arctic circle off N. Europe are above freezing. Halfway to Siberia, the last time I looked - above freezing.

The vortex, I think, refers to a cyclonic circulation, meaning that the winds are blowing from the warmer N. Europe waters around to Siberia and on to Alaska, Canada and into the US.

This happens because warmer air rises, having inherent energy to do so. While cold air sinks. This rise and sink causes the winds.

The Atlantic is quite warm and holds the gulf warm stream, and is the main component of the warm air in N. Europe that sets up the vortex. Imo.

Hahaha, Skip

Speaking of lack of integrity how's your protection of that lady who thought protesters at nuke plants should be "shot and discarded"?

Skip's quote: "Sorry that your post was hidden, Hell, I'm sorry it was even alerted on."


You thought that her saying a protestor should be 'shot and discarded' shouldn't have even garnered an alert? WTH, Skip. Do you hate protestors? Or is it just nuke protestors that you think should be shot and discarded?

This, friends, is the post that the reply which was deleted was in reply too.

I'd have to say that anything Skip tells you.... be careful.

Eh, FB, core not hot?

Everything that gets close to the corium melts. Say FB, where is the corium? You don't know do you? If you did you'd tell us wouldn't you?

But you do say there is "There's no evidence that it's "hot". Eh? Wtf? No evidence the nuclear reactor core is hot? You did not write that!! Oh, wait, yes you did!!

Time for you to retire, Mr. "There's no evidence that it's (the melted nuclear reactor core) "hot". Good gawd almighty!! Unfucking believable the twisted phrases you write, eh?

Tepco press release: Days of steam seen

Y'know when you go outside when it's cold and you can see your breath? That is technically: water vapor. Sometimes you don't see it. Yep, sometimes there is so little water vapor in the air that your breath just gets absorbed. Poof! When the air is saturated with water vapor, your breath does not get rapidly absorbed and you can see it.

Ok, that's your water vapor lesson.

Now, Tepco has admitted to steam/water vapor rising from #3. It has been rising all along, but the atmosphere absorbed most of it before the camera could see it rising. I have seen it rising many times on the cam.

Why it is steaming so much? The melted core. It melted back in 3/11 and is still hot, still melting. When water gets close the water turns into vapor and if the air is just right it creates clouds of vapor. Usually it is very hard to see the vapor. Usually.

As to the story that "Fukushima could blow any minute!!" Well, it could. Nobody really knows what will happen. Heck, not everyone even knows what did happen. The only people coming up with what DID happen are all nuclear pros who Tepco hasn't gotten to yet.

Some might even show up and trash me for the quote above: "Fukushima could blow any minute".. Readers will note that 3 years ago those same people were pretty much the same who were saying "Nukes are totally safe. They can't blow up. Except for the dumb Russian reactors, hahaha". So, take their trash talk with a grain of salt. But not Fukushima plutonium salt, I hope. That stuff will kill you.

So..... nothing has changed much except that there are more people than ever looking at Fukushima. Just recently, Japan let the US take some kind of official role. What that role is no one is sure. But our Secretary of Energy, recently appointed by Obama, went over there and told them, and us, and everyone, in no uncertain terms: "This is an international crisis". So, finally we are in and on the case. That is one reason I think that Tepco issued their mea culpa: Steam is rising.

Tepco steam Link, in Japanese, get bing to translate:

Yes, reactor #3 has MOX fuel

There has been some talk about reactor #4 also having MOX fuel. But Tepco has not copped to that.

Not only is the plutonium more deadly than uranium, it is also more reactive, meaning it gets hotter faster. There was a report from a few years ago about an American NPP operator who tried some MOX fuel at the request of the US government. Seems a lot of plutonium from old weapons has been building up and the Department of Energy folks needed to find a way to make use of that excess plutonium.

So, they stuck it in a reactor as an experiment. The operator soon discovered that - the story goes - the MOX fuel got too hot, too fast, expanding considerably, almost making it impossible to remove or control. End of experiment, in the US. Seems Tepco gave it a go?

Given that reactor #3 blew up like it did, it could be that its MOX got too hot, too fast, and BOOM!

There are a couple of plutonium recycling reactors being built. One in Japan that I'm sure of. That Japanese plant is way past the budget and time frame and still not open for recycling. Frankly, the plutonium is very hard to handle. Our US plant, in Hanford, Washington State, is a money pit full of plutonium filled tanks that are leaking.

Each reactor using uranium produces plutonium, so every day more and more plutonium is being produced and we have yet to figure out a way to safely contain it for its thousands of years life span.

Kinda crazy, ain't it?

My gawd, where to begin?

LS writes: "There is no evidence I've seen that the Fukushima reactor vessels have been breached."

There are at least two unique signatures of core reactions in the atmosphere and the water. Iodine and cesium. Both are by law meant to be contained in the reactors, meaning the reactors are not breached. Both cesium and Iodine were found in the US by the EPA. The reactors were breached.

LS writes: "Water levels in the reactors are reported to be sufficient"

No. There is no such report. Instead they have to keep dumping water on the cores. That water has been found in the groundwater under the cores, with high levels of both cesium and strontium, those being two signatures of reactor breaching into the ground waters.

You, LS, keep saying Arnie has no credibility, and lo and behold, it is you that has none.

So, now everyone knows the Truth

And that person who has been saying something not the Truth will STFU?


Problem with getting dosed is most nuclear contamination is not a one time event. If not cleaned up nuclear doses can continue to contaminate for 100's of years. And Fukushima keeps emitting more everyday.

Time and distance is not so much a factor after periods of initial release because the long lived materials keep being distributed through the food chain.

As for the USS rr, I wonder if the crews' quarters were cleaned up? IOW, was the whole ship scrubbed, or just the deck? Air supply systems? Water supplies?

This points out the unique problems with nuclear contamination. Maybe this trial will help get the Truth out?

Quit yer dreaming, FBaggins

It really makes you look..... not so smart.

Water is a solvent. Water destroys rocks, concrete too. Add in the rads and the movement and the physics of erosion, and you end up with problems. Really, I have to be the one to remind you of such elemental facts?

The buildings were damaged by the earthquakes. Now ground water is flowing into the basements, and water from above that is used to cool the cores is adding to the amounts flowing into and out of the basements. And that is becoming a big problem. Even Tepco admits these facts.

Solve a lot of $$ problems

If the rich want to horde that money, they have to pay a tax.

If they spend it by paying fair wages to the workers they won't pay much tax. What happens in that case is the workers pay most taxes.

A $15 min wage, and 15% tax on horded, unspent money, and things will be more fair and balanced.
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