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There you go again

Telling me what i should do....

And making up ideas that i never expressed and trying to pin those ideas on me.

Frankly, like i tell trotsky below, you too remind me of the religious freaks and how they go about trying to control everyone.

Edited to add: This was my 1,000th post on DU. And i am proud of the fact that i have identified the other side of the same coin. Meaning the religious freaks and how they try to control everyone and the anti-religious freaks who do the same.


I told that to a state appointed board one time. That the whole process we were enmeshed in reminded me of Soviet Russian Communism. That no matter what the people thought and no matter what the science said, there were just a few people whom, behind closed doors, were making all the decisions that affected millions of people in the region.

My side ended up winning. Or rather, we influenced the decision makers to change their minds, get out of the rut and make progress.

Reflecting on that and other more recent campaigns, it is reality that major decisions are made day in and day out by the 1%. It isn't communism in its purist sense, but Soviet style of government. Like Bush said, it would be great if this were a dictatorship, as long as he, Bush was the dictator.

America, i love you for what you could be and might have been!

Nuclear Power is anti-earth power

Nukes are as anti-environment as any thing we have ever developed.

Sure there are a few things about nukes that have helped humans, but no way that nukes are good for the rest of life on the planet.

Indeed, nukes have the capability of ending all life as we know it.

Just wanted to make that clear.

Skewed Nuclear Science?

Long article at link but with lots of history from Hiroshima to Fukushima...RE

Science with a Skew: The Nuclear Power Industry After Chernobyl and Fukushima
By: Gayle Greene

It is one of the marvels of our time that the nuclear industry managed to resurrect itself from its ruins at the end of the last century, when it crumbled under its costs, inefficiencies, and mega-accidents.

Chernobyl released hundreds of times the radioactivity of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs combined, contaminating more than 40% of Europe and the entire Northern Hemisphere. But along came the nuclear lobby to breathe new life into the industry, passing off as “clean” this energy source that polluted half the globe. The “fresh look at nuclear”—in the words of a New York Times makeover piece (May 13, 2006)—paved the way to a “nuclear Renaissance” in the United States that Fukushima has by no means brought to a halt.

That mainstream media have been powerful advocates for nuclear power comes as no surprise.

“The media are saturated with a skilled, intensive, and effective advocacy campaign by the nuclear industry, resulting in disinformation” and “wholly counterfactual accounts…widely believed by otherwise sensible people,” states the 2010-2011 World Nuclear Industry Status Report by Worldwatch Institute.

What is less well understood is the nature of the “evidence” that gives the nuclear industry its mandate, Cold War science which, with its reassurances about low-dose radiation risk, is being used to quiet alarms about Fukushima and to stonewall new evidence that would call a halt to the industry.


Fukishima News

The news is not better. It could be better, but not much has changed.

Three cores are melted and leaking out the top and out the bottom.

Only one of four reactor buildings looks the same as it did before the earthquake. #1 which blew first has a skirt wrapped around it. The top of it blew off and the covered it up.

Reactor 3 blew sky-high and is now just rubble.

Reactor 4 is turning into rubble slowly. It has the "World's Worst Fuel Pool" and it could, they say, dump its radioactive load at any time or catch on fire again.

Not much has happened to control the problems except pump water onto all that heat producing material. The excess water pretty much flows into the Pacific being there is little containment of water or radiation.

My theory is that when the three reactors melted, the corium (reactor core material) burned through all containment and is burning into the ground. Which is in a way a containment. Surely had the corium spread out flat it would have much more surface area and be burning directly in the atmosphere which would pretty much mean it would all be over.

So, that is the good news. It could be worse.

Discouraging, I know

Looking at the world's situation with open and honest vision is heartbreaking.

Teetering in Japan is a nuclear bomb that has the potential of making millions of square miles poisoned for centuries. It is, this Spent Fuel Pool #4, a metaphor in a way of the situation of nearly all of our complicated modern society.

Propped up, just as the economy as a whole is, it is a veritable house of cards sold to us by the "Don't worry, we know what we are doing" crowd.

The collapsing economy and this spent fuel pool are two examples of the lies told in the chase by our leaders to see who can "die with the most toys".

But it is warm out, flowers are blooming and so far, the air is safe. So there is hope, eh?

Spent Fuel Pools

Imagine a huge pool supported in the air, the bottom of the pool 50 feet off the ground. And in that pool are stored spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor. There are many tons of material sitting in that pool. The reason these rods are in that pool is to keep the rods from releasing their heat to the atmosphere.

If the rods were not in water the reaction with the atmosphere would cause fire and explosions. The simple fact is: water puts out fires.

In these pools the water is supposed to circulate. Rod heated water is run through heat exchangers and cooled down and pumped back into the pools.

What happened at Fukushima is that the pipes circulating the water broke due to the earthquake. Also the backup electricity failed and the pumps stopped working. Too, the pumps were inundated by water from the tsunami.

All in all a complete failure. What we do know is that the same systems which keep pools from overheating also failed when it came to the cores and three cores full of these hot-rods have melted down.

What we don't know is the past conditions of the 4 spent fuel pools. There is speculation that the spent fuel pools did lose water like the cores did, did overheat, and did release radiation to the atmosphere.

The big fear now is that the pools of the four reactors may fall to the ground dumping the rods all over the place.

If they could just pick the rods out of the pools with a crane and place them in a pool on the ground, they would, but they can't. That is why the rods are still in the pools 50 feet off the ground, just hanging there.

Real Anarchists

Individuals striving to stay free from Big Brother -- Big Government, are called anarchist.

An anarchist is simply someone who desires there be no arch of ruling power over their daily existence. They are anti-arching-rulers. Anarchist.

The largest group of anarchists in our society are our corporations. Corps don't want to exist under any rule except that which they create. They shun government, because government can arch over them and control them. Corporations hate any control. Corps are the anarchist sect of our society which is most powerful and dangerous.
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