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Profile Information

Name: Peter
Gender: Male
Hometown: New South Wales
Home country: Australia
Member since: Thu Feb 2, 2012, 02:10 AM
Number of posts: 79

About Me

I run the local Volunteer Community Radio Station,.I also hold the license for it.It havs been going for 4 1/2 years and has 5 volunteer announcers,a full strength committee and is going places.I am also involved with the local Rural Fire Sevice and also the local State Emergency Service (CD) I have had a stink with WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Net and all in all,besided my disability I get on with life. I enjoy what I do,and I am looking forward to taking my wife on a trip around Australia within the next 12 months

Journal Archives

Vale Gough Whitlam

One of Australia's greatest Prime Ministers,who stopped Conscription and gave us FREE Uni courses and many other GREAT things passed away over night.
He was 98 years young.
RIP Gough

Abbott has priorities up his BUTT

Firstly we are told to tighten our belt by the Treasurer,we are then told that the Aged Pension is going to be 'trimmed' to meet the life extension of ALL Aussies,and then the PM goes and spends AUD$12b on some aircraft that will never get off the ground.
This Government are so out of touch that its time that Labor & the Minor Parties 'stopped' supply and forced Rabbitt and the Libs to another election,so that we can dispose of these MORONS.......

Tony Rabbitt and his STUFFED UP GANG

Well after 130 days this MORON has become the Australian Secretive Party,they have NO idea how to act on the big stage and their females are so Liberal thats its as clear as the nose on your face....I dont believe that they will last 3 years and I believe that Malcolm Turnbull will challenge Abbott or the Greens,Independants,and the ALP will vote down Supply
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