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Member since: Sat Jun 15, 2013, 07:03 AM
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Maybe every Bible needs a bullet-proof cover? What a collection of idiots these gop meetings are. Huckerbee will not appear without a fee of $15,000. Guess he left his God behind for the almighty $$$. Doesn't it say somewhere in their bible "Cleanliness is next to Godliness"? The dynasty guys, and $arah Payme always look like they slept in their clothes.


What I find shocking is that with all this money floating around, they could not find a better candidate than rat-faced, cross-eyed Walker. He said he will be going to college to earn a degree!! WHAT?

No talent grifter

O'Keefe is full of his own sense of accomplishment. He seriously thinks he is good at this? His pimp costume was so absurd, it looked like it was borrowed from the museum of Hollywood costumes. He is a strange looking character, but since his Daddy protects him, he seems free to get involved in this nonsense. Poor little rich kid, no talent whatsoever. James, try getting a legitimate job.


Beck, like Palin does not appear without a fee. Pay for a private jet, first class accomodations, and you would get Beck or the entire grifting Palin family. Oh, also too, an apearance fee. Everyone, except apparently these dumb bustards, knows THAT.


Imagine the great financial position the VA would have been in, if not for the two wars Cheney/W started? The veterans from prior wars could have been taken care of properly, almost as well as millionaire Bob Dole was. He spent 6 MONTHS in a vet hospital. I know he is a vet, but surely he could afford to go to a civilian hospital, he does still have taxpayer funded insurance, right?

Covering Benghazi

One of these "news" organizations should borrow the clock that was in Times Square, documenting the National Debt. They could show how much taxpayer money has been wasted so far on this fiasco, plus a daily count of how much more is being spent, while the gop fund raises off it.

Who protects them?

These people are making the United States look like a banana republic, with their "uprisings" Someone is behind this, and we can probably safely assume it is the Koch brothers. The racism is so blatant, it is disgusting. Instead of demonstrating with their handful of like minded clowns, they should read up on their heroes. They are being used, plain and simple. Having so-called "representatives" like McCain, Cruz, Graham, Paul on TV every Sunday undermining the President is disgraceful. I would not watch one of these shows again, they are just gop propoganda. Krauthammer, Will, Kristol and others tear down the President, yet if they think they could do a better job, why don't they run for office? Too many skeletons in their closets?
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