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heaven05's Journal
heaven05's Journal
September 11, 2018

reject all you please

part of being right is knowing what's right and in the case of Serena Williams, a lot of so-called liberals are pretty "boorish" themselves. So Serena was cheated by an idiot calling himself an ump, the WTA and many others who have more knowledge of what is boorish or not have lined up and have Serena's back. Your opinion of her counts for zero. Period. bye

September 11, 2018

I do not care whether you

take racism seriously. Does not change one thing. So you run along now and play. I am right, you are wrong. Period. Nothing you say or imply will change that. I understand, tennis, the rules and how dipshit racist some umps are and stupidly open about it some can be. The ump was an asshole. And those who back him....well..... you're entitled. Your opinion about Serena Williams means NOTHING to me. So you know where that leaves you, I hope, and that you will stop stalking me and trying to harass me. bye

September 11, 2018


but some are blind and need to be led. I understand why you can't admit defeat. EVERYONE, has backed Serena. That counts as someone who has the juice to back her. No tissue needed, she has been vindicated by those who count. not some who faux outrage is rendered moot and of NO CONSEQUENCE. bye

September 10, 2018

yep, no doubts

the latter part of the kids' life, their 50's, 60's, 70's are going to be fubar. I am saddened about the impending environmental and other catastrophes that are going to make life difficult for multi-billions.

One of my deepest wishes, always, was to not be here when the shit hits the fan in an unmistakable manner that cannot be denied as climate change/global warming. Sorry I'm being selfish here, but at 70 I don't want to see the systems that sustain human and animal life breaking down, mother earth turned into a wasteland of misery for the poor and struggling. Don't get me wrong it seems mother earth is fighting back in the manner of your OP and in other ways. Still, we are running out of fresh water and on and on it goes. The Connecticut size glob of plastic of all types floating in the s. pacific. Containers ect .

And a potus and administration that does not care how everyday people will be impacted. Like someone said here, somewhere, maybe we'll get a roll of paper towels thrown to us. And the'lucky' ones will be able to score an "I don't care, do U" coat.

September 10, 2018

this idiot

gets millions of people killed and that many more irradiated, so be it. This is what our leadership class and Putin wanted in his election as potus and wants now. Putin wants our country destroyed, physically, materially and politically militarily being the top priority cause who stands to gain if Amerika is shamed and defeated. Well, it's already shamed. If we let these RW assholes continue their coup we are all dead. As 70 years old, I am not worried so much about my death. just hope I am in or near Ground Zero. It's the kids and the animals make me sad if they have to go through the insanity of a Party intent on the genocide of the human race. NO doubts.

September 10, 2018

this should

quiet the oh so sophisticated, sniffling Serena haters, but probably not.


Ramos???? Why? Carlos had to cheat for Osaka? I am sorry this cloud is over her win, but oh well, Ramos did it. A sexist, probably racist idiot with a little trump power squirming through his little squirrely brain, probably. And that black woman having the nerve to angrily question his calls? God forbid.

September 10, 2018

yes hate

and it saddens me so many have such visceral hate for black athletes who resist against the wannabe 21st century slave masters. The double standard is alive and well in Amerika.

September 10, 2018

racism and sexism

McEnroe was just as loudly vocal and enraged at the umps not being what he considered fair. Broke racquets, cursed and the fine was $1500.00.


Exclusively obvious the intent here. Shut up when going up against white people with the authority to cheat based on race, dislike and ability of the athlete to say to whites, BS on your goddamn racism and hate based on colour. And to proclaim to whatever sport authority is cheating and/or fining a black athlete, kiss my a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ump, you ain't s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

September 10, 2018


very obvious

September 10, 2018

It is in 99.9%

of cases of criticism toward Serena. No doubts. The ump hated her because of her race regardless that Naomi is mixed race and Serena is not. No doubts. Appearance is everything in this media-driven age. Youth was also a factor that included in appearance. Size. ect. All the booing was/is from the hypocritical gentile of the world who would rather see a Chris Everett out on the court. This criticism is all BS to distract from the real agenda of MANY in the amerika I know to be the reality. Racism is not suspended when sports come into play. Many here voiced criticism over the kneeling in protest of white cops killing mostly, unarmed and innocent AA men. women and CHILDREN as young as 11 years old.

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