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heaven05's Journal
heaven05's Journal
September 9, 2018

not surprised

two minority males shot, 1 wounded, one dead. Plain as day to me. Maybe she just didn't like Mr. Botham Jean or was threatened by him, somehow. How close was she to her own apartment is what my first question is.

September 9, 2018


of the lynch mob in the photo. They enrage me because they are still marching in places like Charlottesville, Va. enabled and encouraged by the potus of a fast dwindling, frightened majority in this country.

September 9, 2018

I don't and NEVER WILL

she had an ump on her side. NO DOUBTS.

September 9, 2018

First time I saw this

all I could say was, "this is wrong". I was 12. At 11, a year earlier you can be sure I was very aware of the danger black people were in and the violence against these heroes? And now at 70, still reprehensible and hate hate-filled entitled and privileged people now have a potus openly enabling them to murder and run rampaging through the streets of Amerikkka screaming trump hates n*****s on their lips.

September 9, 2018

thank you, Billy Jean

Such obvious sexism. And throw in a skin colour that is threatening to many, many white people and there you have it. Serena Williams has done nothing more than show the strength of African-american women particularly and women in general.
September 9, 2018

this was murder

the continuing genocide of the AA race in Amerika. I don't care what the reason was for this shooting that those who breathlessly rush to the aid of the poor police officer with all type of excuses have. This was murder.

"The police officer wasn't hurt"? Like there was some kind of threatening situation for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the continuing saga of white privilege and entitlement in Amerika. that I can't wait for the outcome of the trial of this 'peace officer' to say any more about this.

But I will say that people have been getting away with literal murder and summary execution of innocent African-americans for generation and it sure looks systematic evil on the part of the murderers and their enablers up to and including a psychopath calling himself an ameriKKKan potus.

September 9, 2018

true, and

this MSM failed for 8 long years to reference the unprecedented obstruction, racism and just plain hatefulness of 99% of the RW thug Party calling themselves the GOP. TO HELL with the MSM and their culpability in making it a possibility and then fact that we have to live every day with a psychopath that's a sociopathic pervert potus that rivals Hitler in being a psychopath. And his grifter family is no different from him. How about his 5000+ lies just to keep his base of idiots happy? No one except Rachel, Odonnell, Maher is saying one word about his out and out lying. Such stress with this idiot, "unhinged" potus even near 'the Button'.

September 8, 2018

well your

explanation/definition is noted, yet this gentleman is one of the millions that have been killed in the genocidal rampage of whites that started with the black diaspora: Di-as-por-a, verb, simple definition: "the dispersion of a people from their homeland" that created and enabled the white slave trade of Africans. Of course, my use of GENOCIDE is much more involved than this calling out of the CONTINUING murder by white Amerikan police officers of unarmed and innocent AA in Amerika.

And to further your definition of genocide, this is mine: the deliberate and(you forgot, I think?)'systematic' extermination of a national, racial, political or cultural group. As has been continuing in Amerika since the Slavery Era.
"to kill, putting to death, killing, the act of terminating a life".

So as far as your definition? Correct, I will give you a 'B-', yet to make a valid point research is always needed before putting an absolute analysis on paper for perusal by your peers.

You have a good one, okay???

September 8, 2018

nuff said

about all the bullshit arguments from the barely hanging on majority about 'reverse discrimination', black on black crime, higher AA arrest rates by whites ect, ect, ect:


September 7, 2018


all these jobs at modern slave wage. With taxes paid to the con and grifter family in D.C. and what every state takes, a person getting one of these jobs after, ideally, 30 hours max a week in work end up with 145 a week. Times 4, 580.00 a month x12 7000.00 a year. This pushing of job numbers is pushing the current administration and exceedingly misleading. I wish people would tell it like it is, not some idealized BULLSHIT coming out of the swamp that trump has made. Just stop it. People getting one of these jobs are probably working closer to 80 hrs a week, at two low paying jobs, which will be 14000 a year, just to pay mortgage/rent, lights, food, gasoline and that's just for a single person. I pay 11,000 in rent a year. Anyone can do the rest of the math. Add the real prices for these necessities and more hiding the reality of surviving economically in amerika as has always been the case with these jobs.

Sad to see this BS on a site like this without proper 'real world' consequence explained of our economy on people who have to work these jobs, the permanent underclass, making billionaires huge profits with them barely surviving in this hyperinflated economic environment these days.

The high tech and professional ranks can accept just so many. They are college educated. The rest are a permanent underclass forever working at slave wage if not able to get into college because of the realities of living in a racist, prejudiced, sexist and hateful society.

I am not fooled by these BULLSHIT numbers and optimism of an OP plant such as this..

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