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heaven05's Journal
heaven05's Journal
September 6, 2018


distraction and diversion from a so-called 'resistor' inside this toxic administration. It is typical to have people mouthing/writing these hollow words while they are dancing in the bunker celebrating all the new military divisions consisting of retirees, recently kidnapped children let out of their cages, to fight the russians who have invaded our country, metaphorically and literally true. From my grasp of world history, in a weird sort of way, this has a ring of familiarity to me.

An RW troll has again used MSM to distract and divert.

I don't believe a word of it, EXCEPT, "wanting the administration to succeed", "historic tax reform" what, giving billions more to already uber-rich assholes of greed and avarice, including his grifter first family???? We already had a robust military, who got Osama bin Ladin? Effective deregulation? Where goddamnit? Tell that to farmers already suffering greatly with this clowns 'trade war' with the rest of the goddamn world! I haven't seen, any significant bump in COl since I retired since and started receiving SS. Hasn't happened.

One big BULLSHIT OP from an RW troll.

Watoos, at least you are not living inside some rose-coloured bubble many choose to live in.

Fuck trump and his dipshit trolls trying to save face for so openly enabling this POS potus for the last 2 years.

And with all this, where are the "surprises and revelations" from omarossa that she claims she has in her damning tapes of this potus POS? She is full of the worst kind of bombastic feces!!!!!!!!! Couldn't be trusted when she was kissing trumps ass for all those years and damn sure, not trustworthy now. Even though those people who's ass she licked for all those years threw her out of 1600, on her ear screaming and wailing her loyalty to her massa. I picture that humiliation everyday and I

September 5, 2018

well, at my age

I can fight off with my walker and on a good day, my cane. Otherwise, I will be eating popcorn.

Amerika has had long enough to marginalize, completely, the racist forces of american citizenry that hate others based on skin color, culture, sexual orientation or goddam religion or their ability to tell these forces of hate to fuck off. We have now reaped what has been sown for 350+ years. I will eat popcorn and watch this on my internet where possible. I have seen strung up human beings, as a fucking child, I fought Confederates in Vietnam. Have fought against people alleged to be members of my own Party, which I still respect and many don't, internally and external true. I have watched the spouting of hypocrisy run rife in our politics. I am seeing violence called upon by the idiot potus. I am watching the SC turned into a political vehicle slanted toward one Party ONLY for at least a generation to come.

The "chickens have come home to roost" and they are squatting at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wash. D.C. I am going to let myself off the stress train soon, sit back, after I vote, and watch how this hypocrisy and racist madness plays out. I have been fighting since the late 60's against the forces of hate and in 2008, we had a victory. In 2016 the racist white people of this nation and their surrogates from all cultures, races, sexes and sexual orientation, with the massive help of outside foreign influence, came back into office with a vengeance with a clear message. WE ARE IN CHARGE AGAIN!!!!!

I am not going to worry anymore. I outside of voting in November will be eating a lot of goddamn popcorn.

September 5, 2018

this has been going on

for very long time and just now, prominent people are speaking up and the case is being investigated only after her fear has been revealed to the public???? Pretty obvious that someone was trying to avoid a black eye from a deserved hit.

But let's look at the demographics of the state and how fear of losing votes to a challenger in speaking up loudly and clearly against racism can colour one's remarks or rebukes of a racist situation such as this. 2 years and just now speaking up when I goddamn well know everyone knew this was going on. 2fucking years!!!!! Well what can be expected from such an area of northeastern paradise for a particular racial group? I lived in Boston for 5 years, went north a few times...this is a true reflection of Vermont, New Hampshire and especially Maine. They do not make a POC feel welcome, even when just visiting.


September 5, 2018


says it all

September 5, 2018

I am glad

she put her family above any political aspirations. I had recently read about this


The willful, destructive and racist ignorance that the current idiot-in-chief has ushered in is astounding and maddening. The threats had to have been pretty serious and I have NOT or seen or heard much from the Senator of that state in rebuking this sort of thing.

Speaks volumes about who, what, when, where, why. Vermont: https://suburbanstats.org/population/how-many-people-live-in-vermont

September 5, 2018

in this country

a showdown is coming and I'm not talking just about upcoming elections. With their idiot-in-chief calling for violence if Democrats win in overwhelming numbers in November, which I suspect is a great possibility, and Mueller slowly closing in on the con-in-chief and New York state prosecutors closing in on the First-grifter-family, this is all that will be left for these crooks to call upon. Bought a lot of popcorn.

September 5, 2018

+++ nt

September 5, 2018

truth and sage advice


the same danger in amerika, at this time. And, as in Europe now as it was in WW2 Europe everyone without a Nazi symbol tattooed on the forehead or on their brain and conscience are in extreme danger. Just ask AA who have lived in this country for the last 350+ years. In Danger 24/7/365.

Showdown coming, worldwide.
September 5, 2018

it's all about

the drama with a youtube and advertising numbers. Same with MSM. it is NOT about doing the right thing, especially in the normalized version of ameriKKKa that trump has ushered in. Attack americans using their rights of dissent and resistance against a sham process, in the trump world, good. Up to and including death threats which the potus POS never has challenged as uncivil or undemocratic. But what can be expected from a pitiful, pitiful fool?

September 5, 2018

damn, the idiot-in-chief

WILL NOT have any feet left, which will be a good thing. He really is a dumbass con. His money has to be the only thing that projected any type of alpha-male personality. And he did not make it himself. This POS called potus is despicable and beyond any area of respect. storm: :

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