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heaven05's Journal
heaven05's Journal
September 5, 2018

Thank you for THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

and I am biting my tongue, sheshe. Yet in amerika, who is struggling to maintain the illusions of.....I think we know. I 100% agree with this assessment.

September 4, 2018

It just amazes me

how Amerika just keeps stumbling about in its ineffective efforts to expose generations long politically affirmed racism, bigotry and prejudice in all its hateful implications for POC, African-americans specifically. I am glad this hateful POS, that still advises trump from the dark corner of the white supremacists' swamp, who was to have been interviewed, with "difficult and possibly combative conversation" regarding his white supremacist, now mainstreamed, ideology, has been denied another platform for his now mainstreamed hate made possible by MSM. I know it would have been a softball interview. Too many to be drawn upon as precedent in the last year and 7 months of this abomination of a potus and his administration.

I am so glad that the Amerikan masquerade of racial-cultural equality of POC has finally been openly uncovered and exposed to the wide, wide world, by a potus no less. Thanks, idiot. Truth, justice, freedom, equality? Hasn't happened yet for millions, And the newest group affected by our government's tacit approval of nationally enabled racism are sitting in cages, some forever SEPARATED from their families, to be raised by amerikans. I have thought their trauma through. I just think of what trauma these children have experienced and how a whole generation will grow up hating Amerika.

With the purposeful ignoring of our MSM organs, in not exposing a generation's long white supremacy ideology, as has been embraced now in the people led by trump and the Bannon types in our police forces, brownshirt unofficial or otherwise police forces, the state authorized executioners under cover of badge, gun and authority, the new lynching go-to and general 'deplorables' of every white supremacy label, yellow strip and type, racial/cultural hate of the brown people have been normalized. With the filth represented by the 'barbecue Becky's', 'Paul and Paula poolside police', 'college campus Cathy's' being offended by black faces in alleged 'white spaces' and up to and including a barely human potus, it is clearly obvious that a rejection of this type by an which MSM organ is based on the profit game and not some kind of principle or integrity, otherwise known as appropriate revulsion of this type of sub-culture human.

Having worked in this area in my earlier years, the goddamn interview would not have been scheduled if the Editor of this MSM magazine had not approved it. All this kabuki theater because of what? A sense of decency? Integrity? Well, I am not fooled.

That this POS called Bannon is now a 'name' in the national psyche as are trump, gorka, conway, sessions et al, is all to the good. I for one am ecstatically glad Amerikan racism has now been OPENLY exposed to the wide, wide world. Ain't no putting that evil genie back in the bottle. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks go to the deplorable cadre/base of our current potus and how he manipulated the MSM into normalizing his white supremacist views. You have done well, padawan.

AmeriKKKa. Your pile of dirty, dirty laundry which is a pile that has been growing since slavery and post-slavery segregation is finally openly exposed and stinking up the amerikan landscape. How openly filthy and depraved is the racism, embraced by today's white supremacist in expressing their wishes for a return to the all-white 'good old days' subjugating the brown-skinned people, now being exposed. The exposed nazi's, klan people and just everyday white supremacist FILTH is finally a chance for America to settle the racism question once and for all.

Will we, in our democracy, tell the white supremacist FILTH that they are unequivocally rejected by people of decency or will they still be a sub-group tolerated because their views are based on the alleged racial supremacy and assumed privilege and entitlement of white skin in this society?


Should this individual have been allowed to be interviewed?

September 4, 2018

these type

reflections/observations really just cement the fact that white people got to be on top of the human race chain and nothing, nothing is going to change that except time. And that measurement of white supremacy longevity in the USA is running out.

why would this still be? This is one of the reasons, I think, we AA are always so goddamn angry all the time. WHITE RACISM is a hell of a burden to carry around on ones' shoulders 24/7/365.


September 3, 2018

all I have is hope

that it was a negative situation for him, his family of grifters, his dipshit racist BS administration and not us.

Yet this hope is ALWAYS tempered by the knowledge that these type people with power, ESPECIALLY old white cons posturing and strutting around as a fake potus and their progeny of grifters and thieves, can literally get away with murder. No fucking consequence. What was that "murder on 5th ave" quote from this dipshit called potus? He knows it is true, so does EVERY other white person.

On the other hand, while on paper, through the 64-65 Civil and Voting Rights Act(s), I have been given the illusion of freedom and even called myself as a vet having fought for that illusion, I have NEVER, as a brownskin american-vet had the protections, privilege or Automatic entitlement(s) that the barbeque Becky's have always had, the poolside pauls and Paula's always have, the water stand wilmas have and always had, the college Cathy's have always had. And for people like these to be able, on a white whim, to call on or otherwise harass, get murdered and/or literally get an innocent, unarmed AA summarily executed a bullet, burning or lynching as a freedom I fought for, is maddening.

The fact that freedom and personal or race group protections, entitlements and privilege(s) automatic for certain segments and races in this society, after 350 years, are still not enjoyed by AA. We by virtue of race alone are still are not equal in the eyes of at least the people who have the ability to have ended racism generations ago. And it will never end because certain segments of our society do not ever want their entitlements and/or privileges based on skin colour to end.

Nothing that trump deserves is going to happen to this white man called a potus.

September 1, 2018

given that sports

is an area of contention between the African-american people and others, I felt this article was a positive discussion on amerikan race relations. I hope.


September 1, 2018

another sterotype

ending truth about Africans and the legacy of African-americans that I can be proud of:


the destruction of African civilization(s) and nations is one of the truly evil most heinous chapters in human history.🧓🏽

August 27, 2018

I found this

an enlightening yet very sad commentary on what true amerika HAS, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE ameriKKK.


August 26, 2018


should try to blemish this experience of Sen. McCain. He could have been out in 8 months IF he had made a statement against the war and he said NO. You're right. He was a patriot. Now the Vietnam War that's another thing. I did my 13 months in that country. And came home anti-war--anti-imperialist to the marrow of my bones. PNAC is a reality. And no, I didn't want to see 1,000,000MILLION Iraqui civilians slaughtered, because of a lie. 5000+ American soldiers slaughtered by this country because of a lie. 15-20000 in the care of our VA. Depleted uranium 'burn pits, TBI in thousands targeted for just that injury to add to our costs of taking care of our wounded for life. And a continuing 'soft war'. And still in Afghanistan that the deplorable idiot potus might turn over to 'blackwater' type mercenaries.

I dismiss his politics also, but not the man.

August 26, 2018

I relate


although every time I see a mixed race person, I know they are a part of the equation for solving racism. I still see the 'pure' whites looking upon the children with disdain. Yet overall acceptance is the name of the game.

“On the one hand it allows you to develop a different understanding of the world,” she says of her duality. “But there’s still a lot of ignorance in society. People perceive you as either black or white, and you’re not – you’re mixed.”

And since it seems the article left out our population of "mixed race" human beings: I am of a parentage of a German mother-African-American-Cuban Spanish father who was born in the USA. He met her while stationed in post-war Germany--1947.

At 70 I can tell you, it's been a wild ride.
August 23, 2018


me too at a lot of the pretzel bending.

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