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Sophiegirl's Journal
Sophiegirl's Journal
August 25, 2016

I don't start threads... But I will now!

I am a staunch Bernie supporter. I WILL vote for Hillary!!

I am a 54-yr old white woman who came from an impoverished family in West Texas and grew up oblivious to politics. I worked hard, despite significant disadvantages, to create a life for myself and my children and as it turned out, as a single mother for many years. I had no time for politics or how Washington and its machinations affected my daily life.

My primary concern was paying rent, utilities, food, school supplies, field trips, clothes..etc. As I said, I had no time for politics. I just had to find a way to live day to day.

I finally became concerned about our political system when W was anointed by SCOTUS. I realized at that time that there was something bigger going on in my world beyond cashing my paycheck and working for the next one. That what happened was clearly wrong and disturbing.

I accidentally found DU. I've learned much more as a member of DU and paying attention to other sources than I would ever have by just going on with the daily grind and ignoring how the politics of America truly affect the hours of my day.

I could go on, but the bottom line is, I spent time educating myself about the politics of politics and how my life and those I love are directly affected. Beyond that, how the lives of others beyond my small world are affected by our government. Bernie spoke to my heart. I volunteer for his local campaign office. I was disappointed when he didn't win.

But what also happened was that I had to take a much closer look at HRC. I freely admit that I only knew about her by way of the MSM over the course of many years. But I looked. And I looked hard and with a cynical eye. I could go on and on about what I found, but I would probably be preaching to the choir on her attributes.

I watched her speech today and was glad I was alone at home. Because I could have been a cheerleader practicing for tryouts in my livingroom. I just lacked the pom poms.

I truly had no clear understanding of her decades of work that I would have have heartily supported had I been more involved in politics earlier in my life. I am humbled by my ignorance.

She has my 110% support and I will be out there working to make sure that Virginia goes true blue.

I'm all in!!


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