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Sophiegirl's Journal
Sophiegirl's Journal
April 5, 2018

Updated again: I am so in trouble. Serious advice needed.

As it turns out, next week, my husband and I have been “obligated to go to a “gala” in DC. Our CEO and his wife were unavailable to attend which then fell on us to go. I did a little research as to the people who will sit at our table. These gentleman and presumably their wives are serious Trump-humpers.

I can’t refuse to go, or else I will put our company AND my husband in a negative light. If I call out any names or the name of the event here, it will be easy to identify us, thus ruining his career.

I have to sit at a table of 8 Trumpets without going full on Wonder Woman and ruining my husband’s 28-yr career.

What to do?

Where is the flu when I need it!!!

Advice on table talk without exciting violence?


Thank you all for your replies and advice. Many very helpful, many funny. You all have given me a lot of creative ways to avoid political conflict. I may or may not be too worried about this event. I go to very few of these types of things.

So, to the numerous posters saying that I may be making too much of a big deal about this. The thing is, these are no ordinary Trumpers. These are high-level, in the elite club, Trumpers. It is a charity event for wounded veterans, so my focus will be on that.

It is tonight. The dinner is at an exclusive country club. This is not a group that we fit into. My focus will be on the charity goals. If that runs out, then I hope to talk about my pastry training and our favorite vacations. Off the chart, you know.

I will take the advice of many to not drink. Thanks for that advice, though I am not one to confront Trumpers under any condition.

Wish me luck.

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