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Work in tv/film production - Unionista UPM for the DGA - Mother - Music Lover - Graduate of The New School economics/film - Born & raised in Williamsburg Brooklyn 1981 - living in Manhattan.

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Income Inequality Will End in Revolution, Taxes, or War.

PAUL TUDOR JONES: Income inequality will end in revolution, taxes, or war.

Legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones II gave a dire warning about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the US during a sold out TED Talk in Canada this week. 

"Now here's a macro forecast that's easy to make and that's that the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest it will get closed. History always does it. It typically happens in one of three ways– either through revolution, higher taxes or wars. None of those are on my bucket list," PTJ said, according to a video of the event viewed by Business Insider.


Over the last several decades, however, there's been a shift. 

Tudor Jones continued: "I've seen a lot of crazy things in markets ... And unfortunately, I'm sad to report that right now we might be on the grips of certainly one of the most disastrous certainly in my career." 

According to Tudor Jones, the problem has to do with how companies nowadays derive their value from profits, quarterly earnings, and their stock price. 

"It's like we've ripped the humanity out of our companies," he said, explaining that we don't value people based on their monthly income or credit score. "We have this double standard when it comes to the way we value businesses. You know what? It's threatening the very underpinnings of our society." 

Right now, corporate profits in the US are at all-time highs. This, he said, is increasing income inequality.

"Higher profit margins do not increase societal wealth. What they actually do is exacerbate income inequality, and that's not a good thing." 

He explained that if the top 10% of American families own 90% of the stocks, then they will take a greater share of those corporate profits and there's less wealth for the rest of society.

Link: http://www.businessinsider.com/paul-tudor-jones-on-inequality-2015-3

Rick Scott's 'climate change' ban claims its first victim.

Washington, DC — A Florida state employee is in hot water for speaking about climate change at an official meeting and keeping notes of that discussion in official minutes, according to a complaint filed today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). In response, his superiors at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued him a letter of reprimand, ordered him to take two days leave and then told him not to return until he had medical clearance of his fitness for duty.

Barton Bibler is a long-time DEP employee who now serves as Land Management Plan Coordinator in its Division of State Lands. He attended a Florida Coastal Managers Forum on February 27, 2015 at which climate change and sea-level rise were discussed among a mix of public attendees. Mr. Bibler’s official notes on this meeting reflected all of that discussion. He was directed to remove any hot button issues, especially explicit references to climate change, and then was given a letter of reprimand for supposedly misrepresenting that the “official meeting agenda included climate change.”

As he was given the reprimand on March 9th, Mr. Bibler was told to not return to work for two days which would be charged against his personal leave time. Two days later he received a “Medical Release Form” requiring that his doctor supply the DEP with an evaluation of unspecified “medical condition and behavior” issues before being allowed to return to work.

“Bart Bibler has fallen through a professional looking glass in a Florida where the words ‘climate change’ may not be uttered, or even worse, written down,” stated Florida PEER Director Jerry Phillips, a former DEP attorney, pointing out that Bart Bibler has no idea whether he will ever be allowed to return to work. “If anyone needs mental health screening it is Governor Rick Scott and other officials telling state workers to pretend that climate change and sea-level rise do not exist.”

Link: http://www.peer.org/news/news-releases/2015/03/18/scott%E2%80%99s-climate-change-gag-order-claims-a-victim/

And they're forcing the employee to take a mental exam??! GTFOHWTBS. Fascists gonna fascist.

SAE frat held an MLK Day party.

Jesus Christ.
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