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USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
USAFRetired_Liberal's Journal
October 29, 2021

I really hate the media

One would have thought that after the Trump presidency (one in which they had a role in making with the non stop coverage of him during the Republican primary) that the media would have learned their lesson on the way they cover politics…All his lies and bad behavior, the big lie, the insurrection hasn’t taught them anything. They still cover politics as if it is a sport, who is winning and who is losing, bothsiderism, they treat Republicans as if they have legit arguments…the media has a big role on the way our politics are shaped, they are going to be part of the reason that republicans take over in 2023.

October 20, 2021

Why is it so freaking hard to get Democratic voters to vote

It seems like the other side understands the importance of all elections and they show up for an election in February for dog catcher….and it’s like pulling teeth to have our side show up for a Governors race….and don’t say it’s because of voter suppression laws because when we don’t vote we are giving power to people who will implement those type of laws so we are doing it to ourselves

October 20, 2021

Why do Democrats always seem to wait until the last minute in elections

It seems like every time we have an election like the VA Governors race that Democrats wait until 1 or 2 weeks out to bring in surrogates like Obama…it’s like they finally see that the polls are close and are like “oh shit, let’s send out Obama”…but at that point it is too late….it takes more than just one Obama rally on the eve before the election to motivate voters….surrogates like him should have been out touting mccauliffe when the polls were good months ago keeping voter motivation up not waiting until the end trying to bring unmotivated voters out

October 12, 2021

This guy is a Trump supporter

So a Trump supporter trying to excuse Gruden’s actions by bringing up a guy that has been accused of sexual assault by 20+ women. And he doesn’t even see his hypocrisy…smh


October 6, 2021

We are still feeling the effects of the 2010 election

That election was so brutal…it allowed republicans to take over a lot of state legislatures, which allowed them to draw Gerrymandered maps at both the federal, but more importantly state level in 2011, which allowed them to continue their power, which has allowed them to gerrymander the maps again

October 6, 2021

The problem with the media

Is they treat and report on the current political climate and Biden’s Presidency as if we were living in a pre-Capitol riot and pre-Trump era.

October 6, 2021

ESPN suspends Sage Steele

Good! But that was her goal….she knew what she was saying and doing…she did it to play victim and yell ‘cancel culture’….she will pop up on foxnews or something similar like she wanted


October 4, 2021

Why is this woman still on ESPN

Jemele Hill was fired for delving in lot politics, but this lady still has a job….but she probably wants to get fired so that she can say she was canceled and then go on FoxNews or a similar outlet



October 4, 2021

When there is a republican president

And either a Democratic minority and/or majority in one house of Congress, it seems like routine legislation and congressional norms happen without Democrats trying to sabotage the president…we see this with the debt ceiling issue or even the Covid relief last year. Democrats could have let Republicans and Trump go out it alone last year with Covid, but they actually care about the American public and their welfare….you see how the third Covid package turned out without any Republican support.

Edit - and republicans know that, too

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