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redstatebluegirl's Journal
redstatebluegirl's Journal
June 20, 2014

Early Voting in Oklahoma

My husband and I went this morning to vote early because we are going to be out of town on Tuesday. It was more than depressing. We talked about it when we got home, our vote truly did not matter. The truth is, whoever wins the Republican primary for Senate will be out next Senator. We get to sit through all the ads (I have carpal tunnel hitting the mute button) and hang up on all of the robocalls for nothing.

I am more than ever in favor of an open primary, then the two top candidates duke it out in the general. Does it hurt Democrats here, yes but we can't seem to put a decent candidate on the ballot. At least when I vote, I can vote for the Republican who I can stomach and who doesn't run ads with Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

The frustration we felt was horrible. I have tried to help elect Democrats here but it is an uphill battle. To get someone to put themselves out there in a state where the only requirements are being straight, being Christian, being a staunch conservative and hate Obama is tough. Why put their money out there only to lose in the end.

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure some of the Oklahoma people will say I should do something instead of venting, but I can tell them I have. I am tired of listening to the nuts I end up talking to on the phone or when I canvass for the party.

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