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redstatebluegirl's Journal
redstatebluegirl's Journal
April 17, 2016

I swear I am staying away until after June.

This entire site has been hijacked by Sanders supporters. I feel confident that many of the most vocal are really Republicans trolling as supporters. Every single republican I know would rather run against Bernie than Mrs. Clinton. The ads, as I have said before, write themselves.

I was on a jury the other day and I was shocked at what they agreed to hide. Anything positive about Hillary and negative about Bernie and they vote to hide, not discussion. Anyone who disagrees with them are not true "progressives", not sure what I have been all these years.

I need to stay away from here for a while it is bad for my blood pressure.

April 15, 2016

Question for those of you who currently teach at the University level.

If you were to choose today would you choose to be a College Professor? My husband and I had this discussion last night, he is in his 18th year as a professor and we are both thinking he should have gone to a national lab or industry.

Sad thing is, he loves teaching, loves his students and interacting with them. However, the federal funding is drying up, no more research money for many people. We lost summer salary when his NSF grant ended and was not renewed. That took a third of his salary. He is teaching this summer, but they could only give him one class, a 4 week class and a payment of $2000 for teaching a class of 100. Not even close to what we lost with the grant.

No raises for the past few years and with no grant right now, (there are 6 in the pipeline to be reviewed), there won't be any. Everything is based on research, not teaching.

I don't think we would choose this path if we were coming out now with student loans. It is hard not to discourage young grad students who want to follow him to the classroom.

April 1, 2016

Any tips for someone over 55 looking for work?

I took early retirement thinking we could do it, well we can't. Our insurance, out of pocket medical and everything else except gasoline have gone up so much I need to get something to help us get by. I have applied for all kinds of jobs, except Walmart greeter, I get interviewed sometimes, but always hear I am overqualified.

I don't want another "professional job" like I had at the University. I don't think I could take the stress anymore. I can't even get a retail job which seems nuts to me.

Has anyone been successful getting something, anything as an "old person".

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