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The @AsianLatinoIowa Coalition just endorsed Kamala Harris after meeting with more than a dozen of

Congrats to Kamala Harris

The @AsianLatinoIowa
Coalition just endorsed Kamala Harris after meeting with more than a dozen of the candidates. This is HUGE. They go all in and I got to know some of the members when I visited Iowa a few weeks back. Kamala and her team are knocking it out of the park


Fourth board member resigns from NRA in a sign of further upheaval

Source: msn.com

8 hrs ago

Julie Golob, a professional sport shooter and a strong public advocate for gun rights, announced Monday she was resigning from the National Rifle Association board before the end of her three-year term.

She is the fourth member in the past two weeks to leave the board of the NRA in a sign of further upheaval within the nation’s most powerful gun rights group.

Golob, a regular on shooting shows who has won multiple competitions and is an advocate for women’s use of firearms, did not state a reason for her departure in a note posted on her website.

“I am proud to have had the opportunity to represent the members of the NRA but I can no longer commit to fulfilling the duties of a director,” she wrote. Golob was a well-known personality in the gun rights world and produced videos for the NRA with titles such as “Helping Women Choose a Gun.”

She pledged to continue to support NRA “programs and sports” and to continue to advocate for “the preservation of freedom.” ................................

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/fourth-board-member-resigns-from-nra-in-a-sign-of-further-upheaval/ar-AAFIjIX?li=BBnbfcL

Dow drops nearly 400 points. Trade war fears just won't go away

Source: Cnn

Updated 5:41 PM ET, Mon August 12, 2019

New York (CNN Business)Wall Street's trade war anxiety isn't going away.

The Dow dropped 391 points, or 1.5%, on Monday afternoon. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq lost 1.2% apiece. Treasury bond yields once again fell sharply as investors piled into safe assets.

The turmoil comes as investors brace for the US-China trade war to deal more damage to the global economy. The risk is that the tit-for-tat tariff battle between the world's two largest economies could turn the economic slowdown into a recession.

"The ongoing trade dispute between the US and China appears to have escalated into a full-blown economic conflict," David Kostin, chief US equity strategist at Goldman Sachs, wrote in a note to clients.

China-sensitive stocks including Caterpillar (CAT), Deere (DE) and Boeing (BA) all declined more than 1%.
Goldman Sachs raised its estimate of how much the trade war will hurt the economy. The firm now expects fourth-quarter US growth to slow to 1.8%, compared with 2% previously.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/12/investing/stock-market-today-dow-jones-trade-war/index.html

Immigrant Advocates Blast Trump's 'Dastardly' Public Benefits Policy


The new policy would count use of public assistance programs against legal immigrants looking to become citizens.

Published 08.12.19 1:59PM ET

Nearly a year after the Trump administration first proposed a rule change that would severely penalize legal immigrants for accessing public benefits like food stamps and Medicaid, the Department of Homeland Security on Monday announced that the so-called “public charge” proposal is set to go into effect in 60 days.

In a massive 837-page filing in the Federal Register that acting Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli said “make[s] War and Peace look relatively short,” immigration authorities announced that they will consider past reliance on public benefits—from prescription drug subsidies and Medicaid to food stamps and housing vouchers—as a “heavily weighted negative factor” for legal immigrant residents pursuing a green card or U.S. citizenship.

“Americans and legal immigrants have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps to pursue their dreams and the opportunity of this great nation,” Cuccinelli told reporters during a White House press conference announcing the rule change’s implementation. The “public charge” designation, he continued, is intended “to ensure that our immigration system is bringing people to join us as citizens… who can stand on their own two feet, who will not be reliant on the welfare system.”.............

Read more: https://www.thedailybeast.com/immigrant-advocates-blast-trumps-dastardly-public-benefits-policy

damn---they will looking on PAST use of benefits also. damn

..............“It’s not a surprise that this is causing further panic among immigrant communities,” Tanya Broder, a senior staff attorney with the National Immigration Law Center, told The Daily Beast at the time. “These are very uncertain times, and that fear has a real public health and economic effect on all of us. We expect that many will avoid going in to get the services that they need—and for which their children are eligible—because of this fear and uncertainty.”

Democratic veteran lawmakers call for return of assault weapons ban

Source: The Hill

By Rebecca Klar - 08/12/19 08:35 AM EDT


“Mass shootings are occurring at an alarming rate and will continue unless we stop the easy access to weapons of war,” Democratic Reps. Mikie Sherrill (N.J.) and Jason Crow (Colo) wrote in an op-ed published on Monday in USA Today.

“We’re intimately familiar with assault weapons designed for military use. While serving in the Army and Navy, we both experienced the rigorous training required of all military personnel who carry them. And we know the purpose of a gun that can fire hundreds of rounds in minutes. It’s not for hunting or for civilian self-defense. It’s for warfare.”


The pair also touted “common sense” gun laws from their states, highlighting Colorado’s universal background check legislation and New Jersey’s claim to have the “strongest gun laws in the nation.”................................

“Since returning home from our tours of duty, we have watched in horror as military assault rifles have found their way into our schools, malls, movie theaters, music festivals and places of worship, giving a single disturbed individual the power to inflict mass casualties. Each time, Americans cry out for leadership while Congress refuses to act,” they wrote.

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) must stop playing political games and bring gun safety bills to the Senate floor. Senators must have the courage to tell the American people where they stand and not hide behind the majority leader any longer.” ..................................

Read more: https://thehill.com/homenews/house/457065-democratic-veteran-lawmakers-call-for-return-of-assault-weapons-ban

Until #MoscowMitcch is on board nothing will happen--as you know.


Trump reportedly likes sending Justin Trudeau notes, via snail mail

Source: theWeek.com

1:10a.m. Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump once sent a note to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that was so odd, the Canadian ambassador had to contact the White House to make sure it was legitimate and not the work of a prankster, Axios reports.

In May 2017, Trump saw an issue of Bloomberg Businessweek with Trudeau's photo on the cover, underneath the headline "The Anti-Trump," four people with knowledge of the matter told Axios. He ripped the cover off, grabbed a silver Sharpie, and scribbled something along the lines of, "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" Thinking this was weird, White House staffers weren't sure if Trump should send the cover, but they relented, thinking it would be received positively. It was sent to the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., where the ambassador, believing this was the work of anyone but the president of the United States, called the White House for confirmation, Axios reports.

That wasn't the only piece of mail Trudeau received from his unsolicited pen pal, and in one case, he responded. In December 2017, Trump falsely claimed the U.S. had a trade deficit with Canada, and sent Trudeau a document that tried to prove this, a person with knowledge of the matter told Axios. Trudeau mailed a letter back on his official stationery, wishing Trump a lovely holiday season, with a P.S., writing that Trump was "slightly off on the balance of trade with Canada. USTR says so!"

Trudeau enclosed a printout from the Office of the United States Trade Representative's website, and circled the part that read "U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was $12.5 billion in 2016," Axios reports. Next to it, Trudeau couldn't help but draw a smiley face.

Read more: https://theweek.com/speedreads-amp/858424/trump-reportedly-likes-sending-justin-trudeau-notes-snail-mail

This trade " policy' of Trumps is ONLY and has been ONLY about boosting his bigly EGO!!

Jonathan Swan 7 hours ago

Scoop: Inside Trump's strange pen-pal diplomacy with Justin Trudeau




The big picture:

The president is in Year 3 of his relationships with foreign leaders, and in some cases they've changed substantially. Trump's bromance with France's 41-year-old leader Emmanuel Macron has faded, and Trump privately places Macron in a similar “wise guy” category as the 47-year-old Trudeau.

Last week, Trump chided Macron on Twitter for "purporting" to represent the U.S. in conversations with Iran.
Trump has also hammered China with escalating tariffs and increasingly tough rhetoric — a significant change from his more frequent emphasis on his close personal relationship with President Xi Jinping in Year 1.

@DonalJTrumpJr crying that "Twitter allowing "TrumpBodyCount" to trend while .......

The Trump fan--Russian troll bots have been out in full force since #EpsteinSuicide

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr
Twitter allowing “Trump Body Count” to trend while “Clinton Body Count” has WAY more tweets (but isn’t trending) is peak Twitter.


AmazingSOP @AmazingSOP1

Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
Dumbass, why should it trending?
Do you know what truth is anymore?
JFC we will never be rid of the stupidity!

8:02 AM · Aug 11, 2019·Twitter for Android





Ohio State Highway Patrol reviewing activist's video, responding to DeWine gun plan, vowing 'polit

Source: cleveland.com

Ohio State Highway Patrol reviewing activist’s video, responding to DeWine gun plan, vowing ‘political bodies lying all over the ground’
Updated Aug 10, 8:39 PM; Posted Aug 10, 2:54 PM

By Andrew J. Tobias, cleveland.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio State Highway Patrol is reviewing a Facebook video from the leader of a strident pro-gun group who used violent imagery while criticizing Gov. Mike DeWine’s new gun-control proposal.

DeWine spokesman Dan Tierney said someone on Lt. Gov. Jon Husted’s staff noticed the video, posted Wednesday by Chris Dorr, the leader of Ohio Gun Owners.

Tierney said the patrol, which provides security detail for the governor’s office, has not opened a criminal investigation “at this time.”

“When there’s anything that’s questionable related to safety issues or threats, we refer it to our security team, and let our security team make the assessment on whether to take it any further than that,” Tierney said. “So that’s what we did in this case.”

In the video, Dorr, while launching a fundraising pitch, described what he said was his group’s approach to negotiating with Ohio politicians.

“You do this or there could be political bodies lying all over the ground,” Dorr said more than an hour into the 80-minute video. “Maybe not this election, maybe the next election, but you’ll get yourself added to a list, my friend. And at some point when you come across the target field, we gun owners will pull the trigger and leave the corpse for the buzzards.”...............................

Read more: https://www.cleveland.com/open/2019/08/ohio-state-highway-patrol-reviewing-activists-video-responding-to-dewine-gun-plan-vowing-political-bodies-lying-all-over-the-ground.html

It is a relatively long article--including OHIO current and past gun reform bills by Governors

Ohio State Highway Patrol reviewing activist’s video, responding to DeWine gun plan, vowing ‘political bodies lying all over the ground’ https://www.cleveland.com/open/2019/08/ohio-state-highway-patrol-reviewing-activists-video-responding-to-dewine-gun-plan-vowing-political-bodies-lying-all-over-the-ground.html #NRABloodmoney #neveragain #guncontrolnow #domesticTerrorism #WhiteSupremacy

Man arrested after alleged threat against Texas Walmart

Source: The Hill

By Rachel Frazin - 08/10/19 09:15 PM EDT

Man arrested after alleged threat against Texas Walmart

A man was arrested early Saturday after he allegedly threatened a Texas Walmart one week after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting at a different Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

The man was accused of making a terroristic threat against a Walmart in Harlingen, Texas, according to the Harlingen Police Department.

He allegedly posted the threat on a social media website.


On Thursday, police said they arrested an armed man at a Walmart in Missouri. No one was injured in that incident. .....................

Read more: https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/456984-man-arrested-after-alleged-threat-against-texas-walmart

The social media website when the threat was posted was reddit. I read it earlier (someone posted it to twitter) but I can not find it now.

This is a DIFFERENT Walmart from a few days ago.

Scenes from Iowa's rowdy, anti-Trump Wing Ding: In a shift, Democrats train their attacks on the pr

I have a lump in my throat when I saw the pic of them hugging.

Scenes from Iowa's rowdy, anti-Trump Wing Ding

In a shift, Democrats train their attacks on the president, not each other.



08/10/2019 08:47 AM EDT

CLEAR LAKE, Iowa — There was a moment of silence, friendly candidate-to-candidate photo bombs, even an extended exchange of hugs between candidates.

On Friday, the same crowd of 2020 Democrats that ripped each other apart on the national debate stage in Detroit transformed into a paragon of “Iowa nice” at the Wing Ding — making their best pitches to potential Iowa caucus-goers without eviscerating each other.

Instead, the 22 candidates unloaded on President Donald Trump in a parade of speeches that framed the fight for the White House as a battle against hate and bigotry. Invoking last weekend's mass shootings, they joined in calling for stronger gun laws. And they called for different approach to immigration.

The event came as the primary season in the first-in-the-nation voting state kicked into high gear with start of the annual state fair. The enthusiasm of voters was palpable: thousands packed into the historic venue, which at times grew so loud that speakers had to yell to be heard.

Cory Booker dedicated all of his time to gun violence, delivering what was perhaps the most fiery performance of the night. ..........................

Democratic president candidates embrace after a moment of silence before the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding on Friday in Clear Lake, Iowa. | John Locher

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