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Within national parks is room—glorious room—room in which to find ourselves, in which to think and hope, to dream and plan, to rest and resolve. —Enos Mills

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#HAPPENINGNOW Trump Supporters chant "USA USA!" and STOMP on Governor Ron DeSantis flag outside of T

I will never understand these FOOLISH Trumpsters!!

#HAPPENINGNOW Trump Supporters chant "USA USA!" and STOMP on Governor Ron DeSantis flag outside of Trump Tower in NYC saying "TRUMP OR DEATH!"

Trump is scheduled to make a "Major Announcement" today at 9pm.

📹 by Kevin RC Wilson @FreedomNTV



But Anti-Trump folks are out also...........



Lieutenant Governor elect @sara4WI will be the first Democrat from Waukesha to hold a statewide off

Lieutenant Governor elect @sara4WI
will be the first Democrat from Waukesha to hold a statewide office since William Barstow in 1855. That's a big freaking deal.



OMG. SNL's parody of Fox & Friends interviewing Kari Lake is so on point 😆

I do think it is a good segment. Worth a repost if others have missed it.

Now that Lake has lost probably not as relevant but my guess is that she will not fade away IMHO


Court files show evidence Trump handled records marked classified after presidency

This just is sickening and it goes on and on and on.

Court files show evidence Trump handled records marked classified after presidency


Story by Hugo Lowell • Sunday

The former US president kept in the desk drawer of his office at the Mar-a-Lago property one document marked “secret” and one marked “confidential” alongside three communications from a book author, a religious leader and a pollster, dated after he departed the White House.

Related: ‘Where’s the beef?’: special master says Trump’s Mar-a-Lago records claims lack substance

The mixed records could amount to evidence that Trump wilfully retained documents marked classified when he was no longer president as the justice department investigates unauthorised possession of national security materials, concealment of government records, and obstruction.

The classification status of the two documents is in dispute after Trump claimed that all documents at Mar-a-Lago had been declassified before he left office, though no such evidence has emerged and his lawyers have not repeated it in court.

New details about the commingled documents came in a eight-page filing submitted by the US attorney for the southern district of Florida, Juan Antonio Gonzalez, on Saturday to Raymond Dearie, the special master examining whether the 103 documents seized by the FBI should be excluded from the evidence cache.......................

Moderna says bivalent COVID-19 booster shot performs better against BA.5 omicron subvariant

Source: abc

The news echoes a similar announcement this month by Pfizer and BioNTech.
By Sony Salzman and Morgan Winsor November 14, 2022, 6:00 AM

Moderna’s COVID-19 booster significantly more effective than original, company claims

Bivalent COVID shot more effective against BA.5 omicron subvariant, companies claim
At least 11.5 million Americans have received the latest bivalent COVID-19 shot.

American biotechnology company Moderna announced Monday that a booster dose of its bivalent COVID-19 vaccine performs better against two circulating versions of the omicron variant, compared with a booster shot of its original formula.

The news echoes a similar announcement made earlier this month by American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, about their own bivalent booster shot.

In late August, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized bivalent formulations of COVID-19 vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech for use as a single booster dose at least two months following primary or booster vaccination, designed to be a better match against the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants. Since then, more than 31 million Americans have received the updated booster shots, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.......................

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/Health/moderna-bivalent-covid-19-booster-shot-performs-ba5/story?id=93251807

Pelosi won't announce decision on future as Democratic leader until all midterm results are in

Source: abc

"We have a little more time to go," the House speaker said on "This Week."

By Tal Axelrod November 13, 2022, 11:23 AM


"Right now I'm not making any comments until this election is finished, and we have a little more time to go," she said of her future role in House leadership. "I wish it [the counting] was faster."As of Sunday, ABC News estimates that Democrats will win 206 seats in the House to 211 for the Republicans. Eighteen seats have not been projected. Democrats would need to win 12 for the majority.

In 2018, in order to win the necessary votes to become speaker for a second time, Pelosi said she would limit her speakership for two terms, with her second term finishing this January. She has not said recently whether she will abide by that pledge.

Looking forward to 2024, Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi, "Do you think President [Joe] Biden should run again?"

"Yes, I do. ... He has accomplished so much: over 10 million jobs under his leadership, working with the private sector, of course. He has just done so many things that are so great," she said, adding: "He put money in people's pockets, vaccines in their arms, children back to school, people back to work."............


Still, Pelosi said she was "disappointed" about the election results in New York, where Republicans flipped four House seats after an aggressive Democratic gerrymander was tossed in court.The GOP's wins in New York are now key to whether they retake the lower chamber in Congress. Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi how she sees Republican leader Kevin McCarthy governing his caucus, as speaker, if he holds a small majority...........................................

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/pelosi-make-decision-future-democratic-leader-midterm-results/story?id=93172371

She has comments about Trump also in this article.




Mitch wondering where it all went wrong...........





Beautiful.......Our anthem on Kherson's central square 💛💙

I do not know if they have electricity yet. I think not.


" But I gotta say, being surrounded by three states with Dem trifectas is tough."

Sachin Chheda
I’m in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin. My heart will always be in Wisconsin.

But I gotta say, being surrounded by three states with Dem trifectas is tough. Send some love our way, Michigan and Illinois and Minnesota!






Biden off to climate talks, 1st leg of round-the-world trip

Source: AP


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden left Washington on Thursday for a global climate meeting with a giant domestic investment in tow — and likely to face questions about how far the U.S. will go to pull other large greenhouse gas emitters along.

His attendance Friday at the U.N. climate conference, known as COP27, in the resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, is the first stop on an around-the-world trip that will also take him to a meeting of Southeast Asian leaders in Cambodia and a Group of 20 summit meeting for leaders of the world’s largest economies in Bali, Indonesia.

Biden boarded Air Force One late Thursday evening buoyed by a stronger-than-expected showing by his party in Tuesday’s midterm elections, congressional passage this year of the largest climate investment in U.S. history and Russian military setbacks on the Ukrainian battlefield.

The U.S. commitment of some $375 billion over a decade to fight climate change gives Biden greater leverage to press other nations to make good on their pledges to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition the global economy toward cleaner energy sources....................................

Read more: https://apnews.com/article/british-politics-biden-africa-egypt-business-3a8bcfc571b4ea054b8c30923f29bf8f

Biden is Putting the USA back on track for helping Mother Nature!
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