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iemanja's Journal
iemanja's Journal
September 27, 2016

Clinton's best moment in the debate

in my opinion, was her effort to reassure our allies. "Words matter . . . "

At that moment, she towered above him. He was acting like a petulant child, while she was not only presidential, but acting as our President.

Here it is:

September 11, 2016

Who here works as hard as Hillary Clinton?

I've been crazed with work the last few weeks, and my schedule doesn't approach hers. I took Saturday to sleep. Clinton has no such option. She's been on the campaign trail, day in, day out, for nearly a year. I'm a good bit younger than Clinton, and I couldn't begin to keep up with her schedule. Trump hasn't worked nearly as hard on this campaign as she has. So she got a bit wobbly in the heat. Big deal. She is a human being. The human body is not invincible.

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