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NCLefty's Journal
NCLefty's Journal
October 18, 2019


(Why are we whispering? SHHH!)

October 18, 2019

He lies but now most everyone knows it well.

It's the fear-mongering we need to worry about. Once he starts going on about: security and Mexicans and Muslims and TERRORISTS who want to get into our country and murder your white grandbabies(!!!!!)--we automatically lose a bunch of idiots.

Of course, non-voters vastly outnumbered any major candidate's votes in 2016 and he was lying so much then. These people alone might screw us again. :p


October 18, 2019

First reply:

"I swear I never thought it was going to be this bad. Seriously.. this is something movie producers think of, but then realize it’ll be a bomb. What a complete shit-show." -@cg_evie

October 18, 2019


I'm also giving the ONLY recommendation on this thread so far *cough*.

October 18, 2019

They died for us. He's horrendous. I'm reminded of when he bragged in front of gold star wall.

Utterly atrocious. I can't stop shaking my head.

Kill me now. :p

October 18, 2019

I got to flip Trump's helicopter AND plane the bird tonight in Dallas!

After getting stuck in traffic for 20 minutes as they closed roads for him.

#smallvictories :p

October 17, 2019

The utter audacity of Donald Trump trying to history-shame ANYONE...

His name will be a curse word after he's gone. His kids will change their names BACK to Drumpf to get away from him.


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