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NCLefty's Journal
NCLefty's Journal
November 30, 2019

I did read that, once estranged, women are more likely to come back than men.

I'm not sure if that's because they're more open to emotions/communication or what.

The religion aspect is the most disturbing. You can justify almost anything with it. :/

You might just need to give her some space. Maybe you can keep sending her well wishes on her birthday and the holidays, even if she doesn't respond. She may eventually regret cutting you off.

I don't talk to my Fox-News-loving parents anymore but they created a lot of family disruption (via divorce/re-marrying) when I was a kid so their politics were really just the last straw for me.

November 29, 2019

See: Joe Scarborough.

November 29, 2019

Queen gotta twerk it.

November 29, 2019

Christianity depends on enemies. That's what the devil is, but fighting him gives no gratification.

Hurting other humans (that you decide are enemies) gives you instant gratification.

November 28, 2019

Slavery ended: 154 years ago in United States... Zzz...


November 28, 2019

See: magazines.

November 27, 2019

Schlapp is a dickbag. n/t

November 27, 2019

A giant golden toilet that's interactive. Every time you flush, a different head appears in the bowl

and goes down. You can cycle through all the criminals.

November 27, 2019

Welcome to what 'anyone who bothered to look at his words and history' was screaming about in 2015.

He has refused to apologize for trying to get the Central Park Five killed, five innocent (via DNA) boys. The way he talked about beating up protesters and sucked up to police and military fanatics was right there for us to see, in advance. In short, we fucking knew what he was.


November 26, 2019

"Melanie's audience was made up of educated, urban, left-wing Americans"

In fall 2018, for example, a Russian account we identified called @PoliteMelanie re-crafted an old urban legend, tweeting: “My cousin is studying sociology in university. Last week she and her classmates polled over 1,000 conservative Christians. ‘What would you do if you discovered that your child was a homo sapiens?’ 55% said they would disown them and force them to leave their home.” This tweet, which suggested conservative Christians are not only homophobic but also ignorant, was subtle enough to not feel overtly hateful, but was also aimed directly at multiple cultural stress points, driving a wedge at the point where religiosity and ideology meet. The tweet was also wildly successful, receiving more than 90,000 retweets and nearly 300,000 likes.

This tweet didn’t seek to anger conservative Christians or to provoke Trump supporters. She wasn’t even talking to them. Melanie’s 20,000 followers, painstakingly built, weren’t from #MAGA America (Russia has other accounts targeting them). Rather, Melanie’s audience was made up of educated, urban, left-wing Americans harboring a touch of self-righteousness. She wasn’t selling her audience a candidate or a position — she was selling an emotion. Melanie was selling disgust. The Russians know that, in political warfare, disgust is a more powerful tool than anger. Anger drives people to the polls; disgust drives countries apart.

I think I would have just shaken my head at that. I'm long past disgusted with conservative christians. :p

But what stuck out to me is that it sounds like that's where Russia wants me. :/

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