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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: None
Home country: USA
Current location: The hills of Tn.
Member since: Wed Oct 3, 2012, 11:05 PM
Number of posts: 1,972

About Me

Proudly retired from the military, Marine Corps & Coast Guard. Now spending much deserved time with my two children who I love with all my heart, and my wife who I am not complete without her.

Journal Archives

Jason Miller, former Trump aid accused of administering abortion pill walks off CNN

Oh, the poor, poor baby. people are passing judgment on him, and making inflammatory comments on Twitter. Is this what its like to to have ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife or a rainy day on your wedding day? (Yes I know ) Obviously, the guy is just one more of, "Trump's fine fine friends who is quite extraordinary, and just another fine gentleman. I also think its quite telling that the guy's wife is suing for full custody. What I didn't even know is that this isn't his first scummy encounter.

Back last year in July a story broke in the Washington Post how Jason Miller got another woman pregnant, and he also tried spinning it that his wife was all accepting and happy to welcome the baby. Delgado, 40, a Trump adviser and member of the transition team, swiftly clapped back on Twitter, saying she and Miller had dated for two months and that Miller had told her he was separated from his wife. She also disputed Miller’s statement. “I’m not sure what Jason means that he and his wife are excited to welcome Will. Really? News to me.”

The story of Jason Miller and another affair that brought about a child

Jason Miller, a former aide to President Donald Trump, said on Saturday that he had decided to leave his role as a political commentator at CNN following an accusation that he administered an “abortion pill” to a woman he impregnated during an affair.

Miller posted a statement on Twitter that announced he would be stepping away from his role at CNN to “focus on clearing my name and fighting the false and defamatory accusations being made against me.”

Miller said that the allegation is not true but added that it doesn’t matter in the court of public opinion. He concluded his short statement with the comment that with regards to people passing judgment, “fraudulent statements and a lack of factual support rule the day as long as it fits into a tweet.”

Miller was a communications advisor to Donald Trump, who has been criticized for reducing complex issues to incendiary tweets.

The poor poor dear

Life as a marijuana refugee

I'll start by telling yall a bit about myself. I did 20 physically gruelling years in the military. I am %100 disabled due to injuries. I currently live with my family in Tn. However, for the last 3 months my wife, son and I had to go to California to help out with my wife's elderly mother who ended up in the hospital.

While out there, my wife who is my rock and advocate, suggested that I try marijuana since it's completely legal in California. To say that there ever is a magic button in life that fixes something, this was it. My life after my injuries and retirement left me in 180 degrees of where I was before. I was the unit fitness coordinator, in good health, very active physically both in work and at home. I ended up in a major depression, suffer from PTSD, and could now barely walk to my mailbox due to the amount of chronic pain that I am in.

It was an immediate effect, almost to the point of me questioning if it was real because I was high. My pain relief was not %100 but it was good enough that I was not in constant pain. This had immediate effect on my psyche as well. My wife said she was seeing a person who she has not seen in almost 5 years.

While in California I had to fly home for a pain management appointment. Little to my surprise, the pain clinic I went to called Comprehensive Pain Management CEO was under investigation for taking kickbacks by Medicaid. They told me that their doors were closing in 10 days and I would need to find another Dr. Imagine my horror! I live in a small rural town and there just arent pain management clinics around here.

So I fly back to California and go see a new pain management Dr. I tell him that an electrical stimulator implant that CPS put in me was not working. I told the new Dr. that I had complained of this to CPS and they did nothing. He immediately sends me to go for an xray (because the implant CPS put in me is not MRI compatible, even though they had one that they could have put in me that was). Imagine to mysurprise, my new Dr tells me that the leads for the stimulator are not where they should be! It was like 8 months of me saying it wasnt working to my old Dr just been vindicated.

I told my new pain Dr (in California) that I have tried marijuana and how well it reacted to it. I also told him that my end goal is to get off of the multitude of pain meds that I'm currently on. He agreed with my goal.

So the 3 months of us taking care of my wife's mother is over. We have returned to Tn, but have put our house up for sale. The medical care here is nowhere near what I need, or for my son that is a special needs child for that matter. I now have to choose to either take a risk in getting caught buying weed and thereby losing all of my VA benefits, or go back to the way i was.

Since i would rather eat a bullet then go back to how i was before. I need help! I dont want money or a GoFundMe. What I need is advice. I want to write a book but have no experiance in doing so (other than the wall of text here). I'd like to know if there are any resources that I should be tapping into. Any other people who have had to go through this for morale support etc..

There are a lot of moving parts going on.

Had to become a star member and the deletion of Facebook.

Since deleting Facebook a few weeks ago, there were certain groups and people that I missed talking to. However, deleting Facebook has been one of the best things I've done in a long time. Once I realized how poisonous Facebook is, I could not justify participating in it anymore.

I mean sure, who doesnt want to know what a friend from high school had for lunch. Or trying to explain why a meme is racist to somebody who you thought was a friend.....for the 10th time. Or hitting that "Like" button so little Jimmy can get that operation he's always needed, only to find out that it's a BS account that does this sort of thing for the clicks.

I was literally called a conspiracist whacko who suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome because I KNOW that Russians have been behind one of the most successful disinformation programs in the world history. These were by people who I thought were "real life friends" and have know for 15-20 years. So it got to the point where I said, "Ya know what? I'm not playing anymore". I'm have also now appropriated "Trump Derangement Syndrome", and apply it to anyone in Trumps cult of personality.

The people in my life who I considered real family and friends, I gave a heads up, I gave em either my address or phone number. Told em, I'm not doing Facebook anymore and said, "Ya know how to get a hold of me."

It was almost like quitting smoking the first few days. I was like, "Oh, I'll just pop on for a second and see what's going on in the world." And I was like damn, I deleted it!

Now though, it's like letting go of a really toxic relationship. I started looking up social media and its influence. The average person checks their account 15-20 times a day! It's no wonder how Russia has been so successful, well add the fact that our Naked Emperor likes to claim all news is fake news...well it's a no brainer these days.

So, at least now I know there is a place where I can find like minded individuals (which has it's own pitfalls of becoming an echo chamber, but I've always recognized them and made sure to get diversifying opinions. So, long story a little more longer. I'm glad to be here.

They are already starting the spin stories

So I guess we are supposed to applaud his response because he acted like a human being? I would say im starting to feel sick, but that would be a lie.

Trump's more tactful approach earned him kudos from those around him, serving to reinforce his position.

Ivanka Trump has also highlighted the positive response the President has received for his measured reaction.

He has only referenced the Supreme Court once in Twitter this week — tweeting shortly before midnight Tuesday: "The Supreme Court is one of the main reasons I got elected President. I hope Republican Voters, and others, are watching, and studying, the Democrats Playbook."


The Plot to Subvert an Election: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far

I feel like there is 200,000 pounds of bricks coming off of my chest. I have been saying this left and right, was being called a crazy conspiracist to the point I deleted my facebook account. This is what vindication feels like.

The story here

Russia and their American President

Russia is run by an old-school KGB officer. These guys don't change their colors, if they aren't in the intelligence game, they have diversified by becoming oligarchs billionaires. Which still provide Putin with information, because Putin has shown time after time that if doesn't like you, you won't get to stick around.

It's a proven fact that thousands upon thousands of fake Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts are in the hands of foreign actors. Why? Ill tell you why. I've seen news posts were a normal political discussion on Facebook have been hijacked into conspiracy country and totally derailed the topic at hand. Most of these accounts are easily spotted, zero to no activity on their account from 5-10 years ago, to look like they were activated in the recent few years and only have proven fake news articles on their profile page. Ill even go one further and say that MSN knew something about this a year or two ago. Why did they disable comments on their news stories?

The government during the 60's tried to link the Russians to the Civil Rights movement. They were wrong then, that is a fact. However, Russia never forgets, especially the old guard and how their country was brought down by America. Russia is not our friend, why have all these Social Media profiles? Its to cause division and hate in this country. Its proven that fake profiles posing as Democrats tried to be undecided and want to vote for the green party. Why?

If Trump somehow was not caught in a KGB honeypot trap back in the 80's, he has definitely become their boy now.

Causing hate and discontent in NATO. Trump has tried to gaslight the American people into believing that NATO requires the US to survive. That somehow they aren't paying their fair share. SORRY, but I was in the military during the late 90's up until 4 years ago. I knew of the massive drawdowns because my job was in jeopardy! They were closing bases down left and right, troops were coming back from Europe in droves.

Then what happens? 9/11 changed everything. The military was brought back stronger then ever, bases in Europe were reopened, new air bases were made for our aircraft to fly sorties in the middle east. Europe basically gave the US cart blanch. Even up to now, we require those air bases in Europe to persecute the war in the middle east.

Is Russia going to come to plow through the Fulda Gap? They don't have to, especially if Trump causes enough hate and discontent between European countries/NATO allies.

Why such a hurry to nominate Kavanaugh?

I know this is a rhetorical question for many, but why isnt this question being screamed from the mountain tops?


Redirecting the message against Trump and the Republicans.

Lol, so who do we have to talk to? Because, it still seems like the messaging is off, or maybe it is just to me (always a possibility?.

It just seems to me that there are so many topics being hijacked by the Herr Strümpf, and his cult of personality.

It seems odd to me that even a older story like Patt Tillman which now keeps coming up because of the NFL's anthem fauxrage. They treat him and his story like it's something honorable and revered, which HAS ALWAYS BLOWN MY MIND!

His story is a tragedy, a friendly fire incident that they tried to cover up and make into a puff piece bullshit patriotism story. I keep seeing the memes that have him kneeling and some BS meme with him and Kaepernick.

Kaepernick, how long has he been left out to hang by himself? Thankfully he is and will be known for what he really did in tomorrow's history books. Why arent these people being told that if you have a problem with a black man kneeling to try and bring to light the systemic racism. That if they have a problem with that, they are lumping themselves in with the actual KKK. I posted a pic a few days ago of a guys pickup lynching a football, with patriotic slogans plastered over his truck.

The hijacking of the word snowflake was fantastic, I hardly ever see it used and if it is, the very next comment is a picture of an avalanche.

The next phrase that needs to be taken over, is Trump Derangment Syndrome. We are not suffering from some rare derangement syndrome because we are laser locked on trump. Anyone that is a follower of Trump are the actual ones suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They are completely unable to see what he is doing to this country. They are all suffering from a mass psychosis in their denials, and stories, when it comes to Trump.

Why, is it in this country that mental health care is next to impossible to get and E V E R Y DAMN TIME there is a shooting, it's always blamed on bad mental health? If and when you do get some, your in a room for 30 minutes and come out with a dozen different prescriptions for mind altering drugs that the side effects have only been scratched the surface of, unless you're lucky enough to be able to afford Dr Katz and his $1200 an hour rate at the Hamptons(actually not sure of his rate, nor do I know Dr. Katz?

The messaging against Trump and his ilk are being treated with baby talk. I see as like, "so and so voted with Trump %99 of the time...oooh scary
No! Trump signed into law a tax bill that increases our debt while giving his swamp buddies a HUGE TAX BREAK! Then he has the audacity to say that the we cant afford a cost of living increase for .Gov workers. Then over the weekend, he gets a full face of well deserved blowback, and then tries to make it look like he is gonna fix that problem
One that he created himself. Why is it that we have the funniest damn comedians, yet a pathetic message? It's very frustrating.


Why is this a thing?!

I mean it literally could be a multitude of things. From a normal hand position posed for a picture, the dick game (which was a military favorite) to live long and prosper whoever, whatever, I dont know!

So while people are expending resources, scouring the internet to oust these white power photos. Or looking ridiculous accusing them of it, it was just as ridiculous as trying to defend a false internet meme that the LGBTQ community was wanting to accept pedos into the fold (which was later proven false).

This should be the message to this shit, if there even has to be one. You lay down with racists, dont expect suprised when you get lumped into with them.

If a black man kneeling during the anthem is somehow pissing you off, congratulations. You have something similar with the Klan.


Trump derangement syndrome

I'm sure we have all heard the term. At one time it kind of pissed me off that somebody would claim that about me, of course it would, who wouldnt it?

They say insanity is doing something over and over and over again, expecting a different result.

Everytime something comes from Trump, like a claim that Obama is a Muslim, or his kids post a disgusting tweet, maybe his administration says something incredibly racist like, "there are bad on both sides".Of course that is going to enrage a normal person. They are expecting a normal human, or president to do differently. But time and time again, we are served a nice plate of Trump. Why wouldnt this make me pissed, enraged, etc.

That's what is happening right now. Normal people are being driven insane by a litteral cartoon president.
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