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"The Earth does not belong to us. We belong to the Earth." ~ Chief Seattle

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Because that's all I can afford, kid

Wal-mart is pretty bougie to me, but it has more things than Grocery Outlet and Aldi and it's easier to have a one stop shop for food, cleaning supplies, and cat food. Many people shop there because that is their only choice. Their prices are consistently lower. I'm feeding a preteen and a teenager and they are constantly hungry. My Walmart has a decent produce section and most - not all - prices for the healthy stuff are better than other stores. Because I'm one of those depressing poor people that you were sooooooo heartbroken (?) to see, I am extremely familiar with the prices in all of the grocery stores around me and I am able to make comparisons. Most of the time, Walmart is going to come out cheaper. They are also one of the few places that poor losers like me were able to get grocery pick up service even with SNAP during the pandemic. Most stores around here didn't allow it at the time - some still don't or they require instacart - and us pathetic looking poors were stuck putting our health at risk by shopping in person. Walmart has a very easy online ordering system with SNAP as well. Same others who know allow it still have an utter shit system. So, Walmart allows us a little luxury there.

My heart is with you, sample girl. I'm so sorry you had to see poor people and be depressed. You like samples? Here's one: you may think it's depressing having to see poor people when you were forced to go to Walmart. Try living my life - try knowing that you need new pants/shirts and that the fucking $14 dollar Time and Tru pants at Walmart are too expensive. Try needing new underwear, but the cotton ones are all multipacks and you just can't afford the $8 for a pack of Fruit of the Loom, so you and up buying a single $3 pair. Sure, the multipack is more economically sound, but you can't afford that up front, so you buy the single pair knowing you'll re-wear that a little too much and it'll fall apart by next month. Maybe try having kids who are thankfully healthy and growing, but that growth means new clothes and shoes are needed and that means $$$$$$$. And then add the fact that your kids, especially the teen, are bullied because there are people out there who can tell they are poor just by looking at them. 👀

Just do what everyone else does, put your head down and walk out, thankful that you don't have to shop there.

And I don't vote for Republicans. We can discuss the evils of the Walton family and capitalism all we want. In the end, beggars can't be choosers, and your judgment is not needed or helpful.
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