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sanatanadharma's Journal
sanatanadharma's Journal
June 6, 2023

This actually true, from end of 19th century Swami Vivekananda to Srila Prabhupada in 1966

This actually true, from end of 19th century with Swami Vivekananda teaching the upper crust of pre-WW2 society, to Srila Prabhupada in the land of the hippies.
In the mid-60's, immigration was loosened for India nationals. along with others, Swami's and guru's came, saw, and conquered; at least in a small scale
Srila Prabhupada arrived in NYC in November of 66, and thus began the western Hare Krishna movement.

A story: I was visiting a Canadian friend in Vancouver BC about 1985. We were in queen Elizabeth Park where we heard and recognized the sound of mantra being chanted nearby. We wandered over and found a young monk of uncertain English but clearly vaishnava-ish.
As it happened we gave him a ride to his lodging, learning that he was here (near USA) by his Guru's wish.

By Guru's grace my Indian teacher expounds the Upanishads in good English. Now they all have zoom-kulams; internet technology to spread the word, and to discuss the disagreement about which word and what do words mean; and "who" is listening.
What to speak of learning.

May 15, 2023

The great American "Show-Off"

"So you want to be in pictures, you want to be a movie star..."

Your life is so important, we must follow you whoever we are.
Be it Instagram or Facebook, your business shines by far.
But when i want to know more about you, the 'members only' is a bar.

I am a leader so far out there, I reject all followers.
No one can easily find me as I lead the way for all others.
Leaving no trace of my ego, no trace of the birds path in the sky.

(With apologies to all sentient beings)

May 8, 2023

"Gun Scum" - interesting metaphor

As grandma taught, scum rises to the top.
Out of the entire gun-desire culture, certain stories boil to the top.
They are not stories about the manufacturers, distributors, sellers, suppliers, advertisement and magazine writers, hunters, skeet and target shooters, collectors, ...

No the stories are of crazies using their guns to get their kicks, their desires met, to experience god-over-lordship over life.
The 'proof-positive' stories about guns used cruelly are stories that are born out of the gun-desire culture.
They are stories about modern life, born in the USA losers armed by NRA terrorism.

The entire gun-desire culture is responsible for gun-desire, the belief in gun-protection, gun distribution with almost no tracking, gun-legislators, and all gun-carnage be it one suicide or dozens mass-murdered.

The scum is the cream of the gun-culture, the true-uncivilized-gun-god-devotees who walk the walk that the culture talks.

April 23, 2023

Thus confirming that the more lax or worshipfull laws are about guns, the more they are used

The more guns there are and the less oversight by civilized society, the more wrongful deaths there are and will be.
Less oversight about who gets guns gives guys and gals, without a clue, the overlordship power of life and death.

The USA must begin gathering gun and gun abuse data at the Federal level.

'Can't say gay, can't teach kids reality (like menstruation)' is simply 'can't study guns' repackaged by the republican't team.

Society, TV, movies, video games, make-up and other artists of bodily gore, the entire gun-industry, the evening news, and so many purveyors of illusion all hypnotize people into thinking a delusion is reality.

April 19, 2023

It is religion with a god and a short scripture, half ignored

The gun is Divine
The 2nd amendment is scripture
Scripture is inviolable
The offering is body and flesh and blood
The worshipers are born-againers
The dead will not be born again
The gun is the Devil

April 9, 2023

All actions have consequences

Not all consequences are foreseen nor desired.
All action is impelled by desire.
If an action to be taken is known to not satisfy the desire, why act out.
If an action will satisfy the desire, action may be taken to satisfy the desire. Success is not guaranteed.
Desire clouds wisdom and the unintended and unwanted results ruin our best made plans.
Satisfaction achieved fails to last.
New desires grab us, ever more and more driving desires deluge and delude the dull.

Some karmic-comeuppance is quite entertaining to watch when one is sitting outside of those dubious desires.

April 9, 2023

Indeed! We should all honor our daily resurrection wherein the world is returned to us

Indeed! We should all honor our daily resurrection wherein the world is returned to us in consciousness whereby with conscience, we get a second chance to right the wrong previously done.

When one is unconscious, the world goes away, not the one.

February 28, 2023

Wrapped in costumes of concern, moping over motes while bragging about beams

So many embodied-folk are so uncertain of their own certainty*, seemingly believing that their very being may be false and thus needing to deny to others the right to their own being.

*Self-identity: Everybody has one but only the few know it. Everyone claims to know the self but most mix-up self with non-self (Nation, State, color, religion, education, work, wealth, mind, activities, desires ... ad infinitum).

Today's assignment, class, is to write a short essay describing yourself. However, you can not use adjectives nor adverbs.
Your self is not what you know, have, do, make, hate or love.
Your self has constantly been there your entire life as witness of all the changes, remembered and unremembered over time. From infancy to now, from preschool ignorance to life-long learned knowledge.

Describe that 'Self'

The crazies at the gate haven't a clue about you because they are ignorant about their selves.
They are dangerous because they act out their pain by giving it away.

February 25, 2023

To be those who publicly, before family, friends, neighbors, ...

... and their own gods, proclaim themselves to be 'hate-ists', requires an especial breed of dull, dense, doltish, deplorable, and deluded.

Hate is mental imbalance, an illness of self-identity, a dangerous social-disease and society has the right to quarantine carriers.
Evolution serves the benefit of the collective, not the individual.

Bullhorn amplified expression of hate is not victimless activity.
Denigration means bringing others down to one's own puny size.

January 26, 2023

It is totally about me!

I only have control over my thoughts, emotions, and actions. If I am bothered in life I can work to change the world around, but only have power to change myself.

If it seems that the world is an obstacle in my way, how can I remove the obstructive part from the whole?
If the obstruction is real, I can not remove it. If the obstruction is not real, I need not remove it.

The secret of life is to 'be it', not to 'seek it'.
I try to take not personally my constantly changing mind, desires, fears, memories, body, and all the senses reveal.

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