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Home country: Born in the old USA
Current location: Still an Expat
Member since: Tue Oct 16, 2012, 10:41 PM
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Oh, the cognitive dissonance

Oh, so sad is the life of one living, trapped in the cognitive-dissonance-delusion that must exist in those who, for the sake of a self-identity, deny any awareness of right and wrong, selfishness and sanity, commandments, God and one's own Mom*.

This is mental-imbalance manifest in elevating the wardrobe of many colors** above the wearer of the wrappers.
So many self-help books on the shelves show that so many are unhappy in their selves and seek succor. Can't help the self if you do not know what the self is.

* I will use this word as a simple stand-in for 'having learned any sense of self-morality' as opposed to self-mortality.
** body, gender, nationality, state, ethnicity, religion, employment, age, status, hobbies, desires, confusions, illusions- all the possible answers to the question, "Who are you?"
Posted by sanatanadharma | Fri Jun 3, 2022, 02:18 PM (0 replies)
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