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Member since: Fri Nov 9, 2012, 02:24 AM
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Activist Peter Staley Slams Bernie Sanders For Misleading Statement About Meeting On HIV/AIDS


From the Facebook page of noted HIV/AIDS activist Peter Staley:

“Feeling used and abused by the Sanders campaign right now. They just issued a press release making it sound like our meeting was about his endorsement of AHF’s drug pricing ballot initiative in CA. Senator Sanders never brought the issue up during our meeting. WE brought it up near the end, only to tell him that we had been flooded with messages from all the leading AIDS organizations in CA with deep concerns about AHF’s initiative — they are worried it could actually negatively impact access to AIDS drugs.

“Those groups have tried to reach the campaign with these concerns but had hit a brick wall. We asked Sanders to designate someone in his campaign to talk with these groups, and he agreed to this. WE DID NOT ENDORSE AHF’S INITIATIVE. His campaign should not have issued a press release implying this was a major topic of discussion at the meeting, and that there was general agreement on the Senator’s position on this. Anything but.”

State Department Report On Email Vindicates Clinton Rather Than Nails Her

The report released Wednesday by the State Department Inspector General on its email records management is being reported as heavy-duty criticism of former Secretary Hillary Clinton. However, the report has more in it that vindicates Clinton than nails her.


How is everyone

I'm doing okay

explain this to me

Member since: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 04:01 PM
Number of posts: 4,598

Here I thought I didn't have a life! LOL

Bernie has no coattails

the one WV gubernatorial candidate who had endorsed Bernie came in 3rd out of 3

the guy isn't some fringe candidate; he's served as the president of the state senate and has been minority leader the past two sessions

the guy who won the nomination can be considered a DINO, a term I hate to use

I wonder if the 40% of Bernie voters who said that they'd vote for Trump in the fall gave the winner their votes for governor

I want to start a fund for the safety of bridges while their "protectors" are busy posting on here

Opinion: Bernie Sanders, the contest is over

pretty concise

Sen. Sanders cannot win this primary, and there will be no revolution. He must accept that. If he cares about the poor and underprivileged, he should use his new-found bully pulpit to gather support for down-ticket Democrats so that we can have true change. His one-man band revolution is going nowhere and only serves to keep right-wing Republicans in power in Washington. Senator, the contest is over. It is time to stand down.


Anyone want to waste time alerting on this thread


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