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McCain rips Trump's Vietnam visit: 'No mention of human rights - Sad'



McCain, who was captured and tortured by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, has been publicly feuding with Trump for months.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that a bipartisan group of 20 House members urged Trump in a letter earlier this week to discuss “Vietnam’s dismal human rights record” with the country’s leader during a stop in Hanoi on Saturday.

Speaking with reporters aboard Air Force One en route to Hanoi on Saturday, Trump said that while he does feel the need to discuss the human rights issue in Vietnam, he is also focused on addressing “many other things.”

“Well, I do. But I also raise issues on many other things. I mean, I have an obligation — we lost, last year, with China, depending on the way you do your numbers, because you can do them a [number of ways] — anywhere from $350 [billion] to $504 billion. That's with one country. I’m going to fix that,” Trump said when directly asked if he felt the need to talk about human rights abuses in Vietnam.

“And I've got to fix what we have with Mexico, who was there today too, who I also have a very good relationship with,” the president added.

Human Rights Watch describes Vietnam's record on human rights as “dire in all areas.”

Trump attended a state dinner in Hanoi on Saturday with Vietnam President Tran Dai Quang, where he congratulated the country and its leader on "an outstanding job."

Trump spoke of touring Hanoi, saying "it's incredible to see, incredible to watch, and it's truly one of the great marvels. It really is something to behold. I would would like to congratulate the people of Vietnam, I would like to congratulate you, Mr. President, on an outstanding job."

"Vietnam has truly become one of the great miracles of the world, and it's very impressive, no matter where you come from, no matter who you are. If you look at what's happened in Vietnam, there is nothing more impressive. Thank you very much for this honor, and I look forward to seeing you, Mr. President, many, many times."

** Mr. McCain, he did say you were no hero cause you got caught, so there he doesn't care about human right issues. By the way, he won't discuss that issue with them. He'll just lie and said he did.

Here's my question to America...

How is it that Trump accuses Hillary of colluding with the Russians a crime, and at the same time excusing that "crime" and saying Putin said he didn't interfere and he believes him?

I wonder what it is like when Intelligence officals brief Trump?

Does he call them liars?
Does he ignore them?
Does he debate and argue with them?
Does he tell them that they are stupid?
Does he show up for the meetings?
Does he try to present his "truth" to them while denouncing theirs?



I keep hearing after every mass shooting that guns need to be kept out of the hands of the mentally


So after masses of people are killed that's when they are determined to be mentally ill? You cannot psychologically evaluate a dead person. Even if a person who never saw a Psychiatrist or a Psychotherapist can still be mentally ill. Never diagnosed. What do we do? However, only certain people are called mentally ill in mass shootings, the others are just called evil terrorist.

What does Melenia Trumps tweets have in common?






lol...aka coffee boy


The Sum of All Fears(2002)

The movie 'The Sum of All Fears' is on right now. There was an interesting quote that Morgan Freeman's characters said....

"You're going to be asked for analysis and advice, so be God damn sure you know what you're talking about before you give it. Don't be afraid to say you don't know. Choose your words carefully, words have a habit of being turned into policy."

* Trump are you listening? Of course not

What is Donna Brazile's agenda?

**Breaking** Carter Page testified he told Sessions about Russia trip ahead of time.

**Breaking** Sessions opposed idea of Putin's meeting and warned discussion of it "might leak"

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