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Boehners head is on a platter with healthcare ceos, koch brothers and teapublicans.

I bet he isn't answering his phone. lol

- Boehner

- Ceos

- koch brothers

- Teapublicans



So "they" want us to believe that even if they are sick or have untreated preexisting conditions, they won't apply for healthcare? Lying mofos. No one wants to be sick.

Found this blog ...interesting reading about the our children in schools

The police state mindset in our public schools
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 12:00 am by Guest Blogger

School-to-Prison-IllustrationThis commentary was written by John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute. It was originally published on August 12, 2013.

“Is it surprising that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, hospitals, which all resemble prisons?” – Michel Foucault

Once upon a time in America, parents breathed a sigh of relief when their kids went back to school after a summer’s hiatus, content in the knowledge that for a good portion of the day their kids would be gainfully occupied, out of harm’s way and out of trouble. Those were the good old days, before school shootings became a part of our national lexicon and schools, aiming for greater security, transformed themselves into quasi-prisons, complete with surveillance cameras, metal detectors, police patrols, zero tolerance policies, lock downs, drug sniffing dogs and strip searches.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, instead of making the schools safer, we simply managed to make them more authoritarian. It used to be that if you talked back to a teacher, or played a prank on a classmate, or just failed to do your homework, you might find yourself in detention or doing an extra writing assignment after school. Nowadays, students are not only punished for transgressions more minor than those—such as playing cops and robbers on the playground, bringing LEGOs to school, or having a food fight—but they are punished with suspension, expulsion, and even arrest.

As a result, America is now on a fast track to raising up an Orwellian generation—one populated by compliant citizens accustomed to living in a police state and who march in lockstep to the dictates of the government. Indeed, as I point out in my book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, with every school police raid and overzealous punishment that is carried out in the name of school safety, the lesson being imparted is that Americans—especially young people—have no rights at all against the state or the police. In fact, the majority of schools today have adopted an all-or-nothing lockdown mindset that leaves little room for freedom, individuality or due process.

For example, when high school senior Ashley Smithwick grabbed the wrong lunch sack—her father’s—on the way to school, the star soccer player had no idea that her mistake would land her in a sea of legal troubles. Unbeknownst to Ashley, the lunchbox contained her father’s paring knife, a 2-inch blade he uses to cut his apple during lunch. It was only when a school official searching through students’ belongings found the diminutive knife, which administrators considered a “weapon,” that Ashley realized what had happened and explained the mistake. Nevertheless, school officials referred Ashley to the police, who in turn charged her with a Class 1 misdemeanor for possessing a “sharp-pointed or edged instrument on educational property.”

Tieshka Avery, a diabetic teenager living in Birmingham, Alabama, was slammed into a filing cabinet and arrested after falling asleep during an in-school suspension. The young lady, who suffers from sleep apnea and asthma, had fallen asleep while reading Huckleberry Finn in detention. After a school official threw a book at her, Avery went to the hall to collect herself. While speaking on the phone with her mother, she was approached from behind by a police officer, who slammed her into a filing cabinet and arrested her. Avery is currently pursuing a lawsuit against the school.

In May 2013, seven students at Enloe High in Raleigh, North Carolina, were arrested for throwing water balloons as part of a school prank. One parent, who witnessed police slamming one of the arrested students on the ground, was also arrested for attempting to calmly express his discontent with the way the students were being treated.

Unfortunately, while these may appear to be isolated incidents, they are indicative of a nationwide phenomenon in which children are treated like criminals, especially within the public schools. The ramifications are far-reaching. As Emily Bloomenthal, writing for the New York University Review of Law & Social Change, explains:

Studies have found that youth who have been suspended are at increased risk of being required to repeat a grade, and suspensions are a strong predictor of later school dropout. Researchers have concluded that “suspension often becomes a ‘pushout’ tool to encourage low-achieving students and those viewed as ‘troublemakers’ to leave school before graduation.” Students who have been suspended are also more likely to commit a crime and/or to end up incarcerated as an adult, a pattern that has been dubbed the “school-to-prison pipeline.”

Moreover, as suspensions and arrests for minor failings and childish behavior become increasingly common, so does the spread of mass surveillance in our nation’s schools. In fact, our schools have become a microcosm of the total surveillance state which currently dominates America, adopting a host of surveillance technologies, including video cameras, finger and palm scanners, iris scanners, as well as RFID and GPS tracking devices, to keep constant watch over their student bodies.

For example, in May 2013, Polk County School District in Florida foisted an iris scanning program on its students without parental consent. Parents were sent a letter explaining they could opt their children out of the program, but by the time the letter had reached parents, 750 children had already had their eyes scanned and their biometric data collected.

Making matters worse, these iris scanning programs are gaining traction in the schools, with school buses even getting in on the action. As students enter the school bus, they will be told to look through a pair of binocular-like scanners which will either blink, indicating that the student is on the right bus, or honk, indicating that they’ve chosen the wrong one. This technology is linked with a mobile app which parents can use to track their child’s exact whereabouts, as each time their eyes are scanned the parent receives a print out with their photo and Google map location, along with a timestamp. Benefits aside, the potential for abuse, especially in the hands of those who prey on the young, are limitless.

Insiders expect this emerging industry to expand beyond schools to ATMs, airports, and other high security areas within the next few years. It’s definitely big business. The school security industry, which includes everything from biometrics to video surveillance, was worth $2.7 billion in 2012 and is expected to grow by 80% over the next five years and be worth $4.9 billion by 2017.

Even so, promises of profit, safety and efficiency aside, it doesn’t bode well for our nation’s youth who are being raised in quasi-prisonlike school environments where they are treated as if they have no rights and are taught even less about the Constitution. It has been said that America’s schools are the training ground for future generations. If so, and unless we can do something to rein in this runaway train, this next generation will be the most compliant, fearful and oppressed generation ever to come of age in America, and they will be marching in lockstep with the police state.


Hello Du'ers, welcome to another week of Here Comes The Stupid..

This week we have Senior grifter Sarah Palin once again as honorary 'The Stupid'

Hours away from a potential government shutdown, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) lauded her Tea Party colleagues for their efforts over the past few weeks.

In an op-ed for Breitbart, Palin credited Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as the "brave men who tried to do something."

"Ted Cruz and Mike Lee fought to fulfill the campaign promises every Republican made, and their actions have been revelatory for all of us," Palin wrote.

Palin has stood by Cruz and Lee during the Obamacare-government shutdown debate. After Cruz turned in a 21-hour address against the Affordable Care Act earlier this week, Palin coined him one of the leaders of a "third party" called the "good guys."

"That's the third party," Palin said. "Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, some of these guys working so extremely hard for, again, standing strong on what used to be the planks of the Republican platform. Those are the players in the party whom I will support."

Palin circled back to the GOP's future in the Breitbart commentary, closing with a warning that "2014 is just around the corner."

"Support those who do us a favor by flushing out politicians wanting to hide," Palin wrote. "Retrieving liberty must be the point in all this."

A HuffPost/YouGov poll released Saturday found mixed feelings for Cruz's speech, with a huge lean of support from the Republican side of the aisle. Of the 1,000 adults sampled, 41 percent saw it as an unnecessary political stunt, while 32 percent viewed it as a good way of making an important point. Of Republicans surveyed, 69 percent saw the latter point of view.


Let's just fuck it all up, what are we waiting for!

Let's just fuck everything up in one shot.

Just get rid if social security and make elderly Americans look for a job. Just get rid of disabilit benefits so the disabled can look for a job too. Good luck with that. Oh and defund Healthcare Act so all the sick babies and children and adults with preexisting conditions can just pray away their illness, die, or have their neighbors pitch in and pay for all their treatments.Oh don't forget to get rid of public education and force mothers to drop out the workforce to homeschool their children. And fuck the homeless just let them stay homeless and wither away. Let's get rid of foodstamps once and for all. Cause their nothing better than starving children. Let's defund all the preventive care for women so we all can just die. Gun control? blah we don't need that let's just all kill each other. Am I missing anything?

...for those who think my post means I'm for this.

I love it when they eat their own

Peter King: Ted Cruz 'is a fraud'
Posted by
CNN's Paul Courson

Washington (CNN) - The government shutdown showdown is getting ugly.

Republican Rep. Peter King said Friday that his Republican colleague in the Senate, Ted Cruz, "is a fraud" who will "no longer have any influence in the Republican Party" after the House votes on a measure that could potentially lead to a government shutdown.

King made his comments while on his way to a Republican meeting, shortly before the House was set to begin debating, then voting on the bill. The legislation provides funds for the government to stay afloat past the end of the fiscal year on September 30, but only if money for Obamacare is cut out.

Ted Cruz: Obamacare fight 'just beginning'

The idea to tie the president's health care law to the government funding bill was aggressively pushed by Cruz and other Senate conservatives, including Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Mike Lee, this summer.

The House is expected to pass the bill, which will then go to the Democratic-controlled Senate where the Obamacare amendment will likely be killed. The bill would then be sent back to the House, which would have to decide whether to pass it and keep the government running, or defeat it and possibly see a government shutdown.

King, who's been strongly opposed to the bill, has essentially compared the strategy to a suicide mission.

Read: Rep. King on defund plan: ‘Custer, Kamikaze’

"I hope people will get the message this guy is bad for the party," King said Friday, talking about Cruz, a potential 2016 presidential candidate. King is also a potential White House contender, as he has said he's thinking about running for president.

Asked if the House vote was more of a message to conservatives than to Obama, King said the vote is a signal that the GOP has "to take more realistic and practical approaches."

The congressman has said before that he can start ignoring the senator from Texas after the vote. He reiterated Friday he hopes that's still the case.

"We can't be going off on these false missions that Ted Cruz wants us to go on. The issues are too important. They're too serious, they require real conservative solutions, not cheap headline-hunting schemes," he said.

Read: Cruz tries to make amends with angry conservatives

Cruz angered House conservatives earlier this week when he admitted in a statement that he doubts the Senate has enough votes to pass a government funding measure that also defunds Obamacare. He has nonetheless vowed to keep fighting in the Senate to generate support for the measure.

But with some Senate Republicans already saying they won't support Cruz in the effort, the chances of him succeeding so far appear unlikely.

– CNN's Ashley Killough and Ted Barrett contributed to this report.


Help me out....I need your brains

Iam putting together an essay. In your best explanation..
what does it mean to "unreasonably" not do something you are required to do? Would you say its deliberate?

I am trying to help someone living in a shelter. He is required to search for housing. When he searches for apartments he is required to view them( if he's lucky) . He has done his apt searches but his caseworker is arguing that he had to view them too. She says his not viewing is "unreasonable" and is threatening to sanction him. He says he does all his searches and viewing is hard cause he runs into obstacles that are beyond his control. I have been supportive of him in his quest for housing it just irks me that a hard worker like himself is being harassed.So I decided to write an essay on the plight of homelessness.

If Texas couldn't get any crazier....

Realistic tailgate decal of woman hogtied in bed of truck draws intense criticism
The photo of a blonde employee bound and helpless in the bed of a pickup truck has drawn looks of shock and disgust — and some claimed calls to police as well.

By Nina Golgowski / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Published: Sunday, September 8, 2013, 11:46 AM
Updated: Sunday, September 8, 2013, 11:46 AM

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/tailgate-decal-hogtied-woman-draws-heat-article-1.1449146#ixzz2eLyldGe1


oh and heres the disgusting video

Stupidity is a disease. www.fastborns.org

Stupidity is infectious. It spreads from one person to another, one home to another, one community to the other and one country to another. You can't live and work with stupid people and fail to be stupid. I am not trying to get rude or abuse anyone but this article's goal, is to find out the causes of stupidity and its symptoms. We may then find treatment for stupidity. It is always better to treat the causes of a certain disease instead of treating its symptoms. Medical students may give us a helping hand here.

Stupidity is behavior that shows lack of thought or good judgment. It is the state or quality of being slow to learn and not clever or intelligent. The stupidity patient is termed as a stupor: a state in which one is unable to think and hear clearly especially because one has drunk to much alcohol, taken drugs or gets a shock. Sometimes the word 'stupid' is used jokingly to say to someone that he or she is not thinking and acting intelligently.

What are causes of stupidity then? From my point of view stupidity is to a largest extent caused by ignorance. Ignorance may not be the cause of all diseases because even people with PhDs die of disease related causes but for stupidity, ignorance is the major cause of suffering from stupidity. Ignorance is again lack of knowledge or information about something. Ignorance is not only a symptom of stupidity but another disease as well. There are diseases that cause other diseases. Ignorance is among such diseases. For example AIDS causes other body diseases like diarrhea.

A person suffering from ignorance is known as an ignorant person. An ignorant person therefore, can easily be a stupid person. If you do not know about something, you cannot worry about it. Ignorance has a relationship with the word 'ignore' which means not paying attention to something. I am not saying having an ignoring attitude is being ignorant or stupid but when one ignores important and crucial issues in life he or she gives room to ignorance and stupidity.

We can prevent ourselves from stupidity by avoiding stupid people and stinking thinking. When one is surrounded by stupid people, he or she becomes stupid in the process. Stinking thinking is when we give a room for bad smelling thoughts in our minds. Bad smelling thoughts may include not thinking at all. When one stops to think, bad smelling thoughts get into the mind. Examples of bad smelling thoughts may include thoughts of defilement, adultery, theft, bribery, murder, witchcraft and other bad thoughts.

People suffering from stupidity, do not have time to think. They speak like a tailoring machine. They do not think before they speak. They act before they calculate. They spend without aim. Stupid people do not learn. They have no love and are not kind. The signs and symptoms of stupid people are infinitive. They can't be exhausted. Once you discover the symptoms of stupidity from a person near you, try to run away from the infected person. And if the infected person is a member of your family, friend, workmate or relative, help and find treatment.

Stupidity can be treated by taking the stupid person to the counseling clinic or praying for that stupid person. If your patient's conditions persist, seek medical treatment from a professional doctor. Stupidity is not a killer disease. It is a curable disease.

McCain on Fox news

John McCain Blasts Fox News Over 'Allahu Akbar' Criticism (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post | By Paige Lavender Posted: 09/03/2013 10:02 am EDT | Updated: 09/03/2013 11:43 am EDT

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) blasted Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on Tuesday for questioning members of a Syrian opposition groups' use of the phrase "Allahu Akbar" after what Kilmeade said "looks like a fighter jet being shot out of the sky."

“I have a problem helping those people screaming that after a hit,” Kilmeade said.

McCain criticized Kilmeade for his skepticism of the phrase, which means "God is greater" or "God is the greatest" in Arabic.

“Would you have a problem with an American person saying ‘Thank God? Thank God?'" McCain said. “That’s what they're saying. Come on! Of course they're Muslims, but they're moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.”

McCain said on NBC's "Today" show he would support President Barack Obama's request for action, but didn't agree with the president that any military force should "be designed to be limited in duration and scope." McCain said he's hoping for resolution of intervention that includes authority to degrade Syria's air defenses.

Sorry couldn't post video
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