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Ok, what is a Presidential look for a woman President...a bimbo?

Lester Holt is the worse moderator in Presidential history.WTF.

Get him Mrs. Clinton.


He's losing it.lol

Gennifer Flowers Says She Will Attend First Presidential Debate As Trumpís Guest

Daniel Marans
Reporter, Huffington Post

Gennifer Flowers, a model and entertainer who had an affair with Bill Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas, said that she will attend Monday nightís presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, at Trumpís invitation.

Flowersí assistant confirmed her attendance to BuzzFeed. The Trump campaign did not respond to The Huffington Postís request for confirmation.

Trump threatened to invite Flowers if Mark Cuban, a celebrity billionaire backing Clinton, attended the debate.

Juanita Broaddrick, a retired nurse who maintains that Clinton raped her in 1978, told HuffPost that Trump had not asked her to attend.

ďItís a little late to make travel arrangements but it would be delightful to attend such an epic event. Maybe I will get an invitation to the next one,Ē she said in a Twitter message.

Monday nightís showdown, which will be the first time Hillary Clinton and Trump appear on the same stage as candidates, is expected to draw upwards of 100 million viewers.

If Trump indeed invited Flowers to the debate, it will be a virtually unprecedented stunt for a presidential candidate.

In inviting Flowers to the debate, Trump has decided itís wise to humiliate the first female presidential nominee from a major party for her husbandís infidelities.


** When you live in a country where women who sleep with someone's husband is admired and the injured party the wife is villified**

Shameful. She has no class. Classless is what led her to have an affair with a married man anyway. He claims that Clinton is horrible to women, but Trump is proving he loves when people cheat. He sees gratification from it. Im sure his last wives were humiliated when he cheated and I bet he rubbed it in their faces

Remember when Trump said ," I love the uneducated."

Is this why he loves the uneducated.....

The Nazi movement was overtly anti-rationalist, favoring appeals to emotion and cultural myths.[90] It preferred such "non-intellectual" virtues as loyalty, patriotism, duty, purity, and blood, and allegedly produced a pervasive contempt for intellectuals.[91] Both overt statements and propaganda in books favored sincere feeling over thought, because such feelings, stemming from nature, would be simple and direct.[92] In Mein Kampf, Hitler complained of biased over-education, brainwashing, and a lack of instinct and will[93] and in many other passages made his anti-intellectual bent clear.[94] Intellectuals were frequently the butts of Hitler's jokes.[95] Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls were overtly instructed to aim for character-building rather than education.[96] The theory offered for Nazism was developed only after practice, which had denigrated expert thinking, only to seek out intellectuals who could be brought to support it.[97]

Sturmabteilung speakers were used, though their reliance sometimes offended well-educated audiences, but their blunt and folksy manner often had their own appeal.[98] One popular Munich speaker, declaring biological research boring, called instead on racial emotions; their "healthy ethnic instincts" would reveal the quality of the Aryan type.[99]


Trump went after Obama with a vengeance because

he was so upset that a black man became POTUS. This was the moment that Trump switched to the Republican party.

Congressional black caucus is letting Trump have it MSNBC and CNN

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