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Member since: Mon Nov 26, 2012, 09:08 PM
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Trump says that veterans are killing themselves cause they cant get a doctor...WRONG!!!

The young lady who asked Donald this just made this comment ..."PTSD and chronic pain has everything to do with veteran suciide, not lack of access to the services" She also said he was stigmatizing the Vets

Taken from, 'Is Ivanka for real'

Not long after her parents’ very public, very mortifying divorce, an adolescent Ivanka Trump sat with her father in the back of his private plane, waiting to leave New York for Palm Beach. The doors were closed and the engines were on, but they were still missing Marla Maples. Donald’s second wife—the woman he had left Ivanka’s mother for—was late. She was always late. This drove Donald crazy.

They were just about to take off when Ivanka spotted a distressed Marla rushing toward the plane. Ivanka tapped Donald to alert him to the figure on the tarmac below. Maybe, she thought, he could tell the pilot to cut the engines. But Donald merely raised his hands. Pretty soon his wife was just a speck on the ground.

“Come on, Dad,” Ivanka said, once they were airborne. “She’s just five minutes late.”

“No, Ivanka,” he replied. “You have to be on time.”


What an ass

So Trump wants to set up colonialism in Iraq to get the oil?

cause that is exactly what he wants to do

Too bad it couldn't be another 4 years :(


Trump is ready to put the U.S. into an enormous recession

1. Raise spending
2. Enlarge military

And he says he knows nothing of white supremacist

Please caption Herr Trump

Donald Trump boasts of 'amazing' meeting with black pastors

Trump: " The blacks f**king love me!!"

Under the Trump regime...

Will American-born children or young adults lose their citizenship if they parents came here illegally and gave birth to them in the U.S.?

November 8 2016 -Election day/ November 8 1923 Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch

Oh my, he really lost the Latino vote.lol

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