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SoLeftIAmRight's Journal
SoLeftIAmRight's Journal
February 20, 2016

Sanders offers a new narrative. No more confining discussions to the right wing frames.

About ten years ago a book was published that detailed the 40 right wing think tanks funded by a billion dollars each year. The goal of these organizations is to limit the range of topics that get broadcast to the world and frame how these topics are to be understood.

Many of the talking heads have been trained in these places and they have been very effective in directing the way Americans think about issues. Climate change is a very good example. Many here can see through the confusion spread about this issue but still are not able to do the same with so many other issues.

No we can't is true for those living in the right wing world. There are many wise people that quietly offer rational solutions to many of the problems that we face. It is time to listen to these voices. It is time to elevate a different and rational approach to our problems.

Sanders offers us a chance to take a fresh look at the world around us. Sanders offers us a chance to explore new possibilities in the way we deal with our challenges.

Sanders offers us a chance to Change the Narrative.

Take the chance - accept the challenge - join the movement that can Change the Narrative.

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