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Member since: Sun Apr 28, 2013, 12:55 PM
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I need your help writing this.

I am going to put it on Facebook, and I want it to be pretty good before I do.

If someone you love, maybe a parent, is a public figure and makes really ignorant statements, wouldn't you want to protect them from further embarrassment? I would think if you loved them, you would want to protect them from more public humiliation? Is it not a loving act to help someone who clearly has mental and emotional issues?

Can someone help me shorten it? I considered starting Dear Ivanka, but probably not. I think he might listen to her, is there anyone else? I really do not care about his embarrassment and humiliation, I am just looking for a way to stop him.

Trump knows more about the hacking

than we do. Is that because he was in on it???

I wanted to post this as a comment on Facebook but do not relish my phone being tapped (old school), my computer being hacked (he apparently knows a lot about it) or visitors in dark suits, sunglasses and earpieces.
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