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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 836

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Yes, Tuesday did stick a knife into the gut of the GOP

and sorry for the violent imagery, but this moment is exactly the right moment to twist that knife back and forth. This is not the time to sit back and rest. Get out there and protest everything. Take the momentum we just witnessed and move our agenda forward. Forget the bragging and needling of the other side, heck, pretend we lost on Tuesday and come out of the gate this week with even more resolve than we saw on Tuesday. They are hoping that we get smug and stop pushing. Take it to them before they can regroup, and you know that they will. Lets reclaim sanity in this country from those that are content with willful ignorance. I am open to ideas that can be played out on either local or national stage. Please give us your best suggestions for carrying this fight for our democracy forwards and sweeping the ugly nationalists back under their rocks.

A Neighbor From The Rural Community I Grew Up In Just Won the Minnesota State Auditors Race

She is a wonderful, wonderful young woman. My brother and I would take turns babysitting her and her sister when they were just little kids in our rural farming community. She will do an incredible job for Minnesota. She is brilliant, kind, and as nice as a human being comes. The auditor's office in Minnesota has a 30 billion dollar annual budget and normally has been occupied by a Republican but Julie handily beat the Republican this time around. I couldn't be more proud of her. This truly is the year of the woman candidate and if Julie is any indication, we have a fantastic crop of new leaders coming into their own and we will all be better off for it.

Really Beginning to Get Suspicious of All These "Close" Elections

When you are dealing with hundreds of thousands to millions of votes, what are the odds that both candidates get roughly the same number of votes again and again? I understand that the real odds are determined by how many people vote and that close elections are inevitable occasionally, but it just seems like statistically we shouldn't have as many close elections as we always seem to have.

Can anybody explain to me the statistics behind why we would see so many knotted up election outcomes election after election? It just seems like the vote counts have to be manipulated to keep getting these close calls once the number of votes reaches millions and millions. Have we just accepted the fact that we have a lot of close election outcomes or are there statistics that prove that close elections are an anomaly after so many votes have been cast?

Every Time President Butthurt Complains that the Press is "UNFAIR"...

...because they ask him a question about something he said, or something he did, or some policy his administration has implemented in the dark of night, he should receive wave after wave of Preparation-H tubes from all of us to show our sympathy for his sore backside. He is unlikely to recognize an act of sympathy but he might get tired of the gesture when he finds out that people think of him as President Butt-Hurt.

President Butthurt
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.

Two Indicted Rep. Congressman Win Re-Election and One Rep. Nazi Gets over 56,000 Votes in Illinois

Self-proclaimed Nazi Arthur Jones, running as a Republican, managed more than a quarter of the votes while Republican Reps. Chris Collins and Duncan Hunter, who are both facing federal indictments, were re-elected to Congress. The law and order family values party would most likely elect the demon seed of Adolph Hitler and Satan if it ran as a Republican. This Trumpian Party is too sick and perverted to have a seat at any table as far as I am concerned. They certainly don't belong anywhere near the levers of power in this country.

Why Large Turnout is a Good Sign

They say that Republicans always turn out to vote. So it is a little hard to increase your votes if you are already turning out all of your supporters every election. Therefore, significant increases in voter turnout would logically have to come from the other side of the aisle. New Republican voters in the 18-19 year old category would likely be offset to some degree by the aging Republican electorate that has died off in the past two years. Given all of this, I am optimistic that the high turnout numbers we are seeing this election cycle reflect a wave of blue voters and not rabid right-wingers no matter what the enthusiasm numbers say.

My Son Tried to Vote in Des Moines, IA Today

He registered weeks ago and as of today had never heard back from anyone. He kept checking online to see if he was registered and never got confirmation that he was. Today he went to the polling place near his campus and they said that he wasn't registered. They made him fill out the same registration form he had filled out weeks ago and then they gave him a provisional ballot. He said that there were many, many other students from his school also filling out provisional ballots. On the bright side, he overhead a couple of elderly poll workers discussing the fact that many of the people showing up at the polls today were Democrats. So, if any Iowans are out there, what does Iowa do with provisional ballots?


He happened on a house in a rural area of town and noticed targets or cross-hairs on the pumpkins of this one house on his route and lots and lots of Second Amendment signs, threatening Second Amendment signs. He knocks on the door and a guy answers with a gun in his hand. My son cheerfully explains that he is going door to door raising awareness about the upcoming midterm election and asking for support for the Democratic candidate he was canvassing for. The homeowner released the safety on his pistol as told my son that he should leave. My son said thank you and walked away.

It is probably hard for you or I to put ourselves in the mindset of this person, but at the same time, how far is someone like this guy from snapping and becoming the next mass shooter? All I know is that we have to defeat the culture of violence simmering beneath the surface of some of these extremists and drive their paranoid ideology from the public square once and for all. The idea that guns, threats, and violence can alleviate the fears and anxieties that have been instilled in these scared little men by supposed leaders with their dog whistle rhetoric has to be challenged by all of us every single day.

The push-back on the tactics of fear and division culminates on Tuesday. For the sake of the future of this country, find as many someones as you can between now and Tuesday and drive them to the polls. For my children, for your children, for all of our children, lets leave them a better future than the one that seems to be careening towards us all.

And they wonder why we call them deplorables

Bunch of violent inbred morons. We need a second caravan. A caravan of them lined up and marched right out of the borders of this country. Then we'll build a wall to keep them out. Well, I can dream can't I?

So I showed a Republican Co-worker the Bomb Headlines Today

I knew exactly what he was going to say before he even opened his mouth. He immediately, without thinking, said that the Democrats were about to get trounced in the mid-terms so they concocted this bomb plot to try and bolster their base to turn out and vote. As I stared at him opened jawed in amazement, I realized that within 24 hours, Trump will pretty much suggest exactly the same thing. These right-wingers are so far gone at this point, they are beyond reason.
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