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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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What Rosanne COULD DO Moving Forward

If, and I mean if, Rosanne Barr were smart, and I think that we have ample evidence that she is far from the top of her graduating class, she would turn this entire debacle into a movement by becoming a bridge between the American racist subculture she embraces and the very people she had been deriding for years. She has the fame to affect change and could begin to erase her reputation as an unabashed supporter of bigotry over a long period of time if she chose to take the higher road. Not doing so will put the final nail in her legacy as an abhorrent social pariah that will inevitably follow her to her grave.

If she is comfortable with being identified as a racist and rich enough to hide from the public until she is eventually forgotten and finally dies alone only to have this entire incident brought back as the defining moment in her career all over the media, then she should just keep making excuses and spewing racist tweets all the way into irrelevance. This is her moment to make that choice.

What will you do Ms. Barr? The country is watching. Which side of history will you come down on?
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