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Joe Nation

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Member since: Mon May 27, 2013, 01:46 PM
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Terrorists using other terrorists as a reason for terrorism

Does it ever seem that terrorists using terrorism to incite racial hatred only end up inciting terrorists on the other side and the rest of us are caught in the middle of their sick twisted ideologies and perverse mass murder sprees? I was recently struck by a FB post I saw that quoted a Breitbart story about a Nigerian killing in a Christian church most likely carried out by Boko Haram. The story was posted the same day as the New Zealand tragedy and the comment was, "And nobody will even report this" as if this ongoing war in Nigeria balances out the killing by this white supremacist in New Zealand.

So now acts of terrorism will be a tit-for-tat exchange along religious lines with the victims always being the rest of us. And the worst part is that people will justify these murderers by pointing out that the other side killed some group previously. Anyone with a brain can see where this kind of madness will lead us. The shooter in New Zealand wasn't acting ostensibly as a Christian but often white supremacists are associated with white Christians either by self-identification or by non-Christian fanatics.

Just like Russia, the U.S. has organized crime running the country.

This is no coincidence. As we all know, an organized crime syndicate headed by Putin has been running Russia for years. The Russian people know this. The world knows this. And now thanks to this criminal organization, with nukes...just sayin', the U.S. is now being run by a criminal organization not substantively different than the criminals running Russia.

How did we acquiesce to this so easily and find ourselves mired in this situation when we should have already marched on Washington en masse and taken our government back from these criminals? If Russia proves anything, the longer we wait, the more entrenched they become. I think Cohen's warning about the handover of power not going well if Trump loses the 2020 election was a dire warning. I believe him on this point 100% especially if it means Trump will then be indicted upon leaving office.

I think that this summer has to be the summer we take this country out of the hands of the Republicans and their idiot leader. We need march after march on Washington until we once a again have a democracy we can take pride in.

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