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Profile Information

Name: Kevin McQueeney Sr.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston, MA
Home country: USA
Member since: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 06:21 AM
Number of posts: 864

Journal Archives

Trump Article from ThinkProgress

I have not seen this posted, and I believe it is well worth sharing.

No, I’m not here to waste your time debunking Donald Trump with “facts” from ““scientists.” That’d be like debunking pro-wrestling with facts. Or like explaining that “Reality TV Show” is an oxymoron.


Question submitted by bobGandolf

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Did not see Trump's call-in to Mornin Joe mentioned yet, sooooo...

I'm starting one.
As usual, Trump called in to a decent group around the table with Joe and Mika. Bob Woodward, Katty Kay, and Cokie Roberts to name a few.. I watched Trump waltz through very difficult questions b.s.ing all the while. He was smooth. I was, obviously looking, able to see right through him, but it is very scary to rely on the average voter. I can easily see what is going on, but what about the regular uninformed voter?
Is it just me having a panic attack?

Canned Heat Mama? I still love you.

It took me up until the night before the MA vote to make my decision. I went through just about every rationale why 'so and so' was better. Each side had compelling reasons for my vote.

I have been a Democrat since I first earned the right to vote, at 18, for McGovern. Heard all the names, and insults, thrown my way, but I survived, to come back and vote another day.

This race seemed different, not just because a lot more is riding on it for my party, but I actually like both candidates. They are "Lifers." 30-40 years dedicated to your country! Fighting for their dreams.

I am happy my decision is done, regardless of who wins the primary, I will be there fighting for our Democratic Party.
We have way too much to lose. I worry the most about losing our freedoms.


Off Air - Morning Joe with Trump.

Hope it's not a repeat post. Ignore if it is.


For DU members blocked from either the Clinton Group, or the Sanders Group.

It seems both groups have blocked hundreds of democrats from their group, at the slightest hint their candidate was being criticized, or might be a troll, or maybe a vole.
I believe the time has come for BLOCKED democratic members to have a group that allows for serious discussion of the pros, and cons, of each candidate without the threat of being blocked.

Lying Fox News Analyst denied bail for impersonatinga CIA Agent.

This had me laughing my ass off. I really wonder how our our country is capable of protecting us at all.
" ... obtain security clearances and to try to gain employment from the government as a defense contractor. Insanely enough, he was successful and was once deployed overseas as an intelligence advisor to senior military officials."

Here is the link to the fill article.

Chronic Pain Sufferers are being screwed by the..

new emphasis on halting/reducing opiate pain medicine prescriptions. Chronic Painers are being denied appropriate medicines, forced to search for pharmacies that will fill their prescriptions, and even being let go by doctors who do not want the hassle by govt. regulators.
The DEA has wasted billions upon billions of dollars since their war on drugs began. Except for an occasional big seizure they have mainly arrested low level dealers. Now the big PR campaign is to blame the national addiction epidemic on prescription drug sales. Give me a break! They should be focusing on following the money trail to the big dealers, and cartels. The cartel heads seem to be untouchable.
It is a horrible situation for these people who suffer with pain 24/7. Instead of relief it is getting harder, and harder for them.
Below are a few stories on the topic.


Donald ......


This picture said it all for me.

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