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Gender: Female
Hometown: East Coast
Home country: USA
Current location: West Coast
Member since: Tue Sep 3, 2013, 12:59 PM
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Does the US media serve the public or is it a HR dept. for the ruling class?

I was discussing events from the late 1980s with a friend recently. We're talking race relations, predator teens, crack babies, far right extremists, etc... and noticed that things really haven't changed at all.

We then discussed the way the US media covered progressive movements, the anti-war protests during W, Occupy Wall St., the women's march etc. and noticed that they seemed to bend over backward to undermine every one of them.

So I ask, do they serve the public or the masters?

You tell me.

Thank you in advance.

Can any of the lawyers representing Trump be disbarred for their ridiculousness and incessant lying?

I'm not a legal eagle but what do those in the know think? Can Giuliani, Powell, etc. suffer anything for their obvious bullshit?

Thank you in advance.

Does anyone else think the MSM will be far more critical of Biden than they were of Trump?

For example if Biden were to pull the same crap Trump has since the election, would the MSM state outright that it was an attempted coup or would they beat around the bush like they are now?

Lawsuit: Tyson managers bet money on how many workers would contract COVID-19

A wrongful death lawsuit tied to COVID-19 infections in a Waterloo pork processing plant alleges that during the initial stages the pandemic, Tyson Foods ordered employees to report for work while supervisors privately wagered money on the number of workers who would be sickened by the deadly virus.

The lawsuit was recently amended and includes a number of new allegations against the company and plant officials. Among them:

In mid-April, around the time Black Hawk County Sherriff Tony Thompson visited the plant and reported the working conditions there “shook [him] to the core,” plant manager Tom Hart organized a cash-buy-in, winner-take-all, betting pool for supervisors and managers to wager how many plant employees would test positive for COVID-19.

John Casey, an upper-level manager at the plant, is alleged to have explicitly directed supervisors to ignore symptoms of COVID-19, telling them to show up to work even if they were exhibiting symptoms of the virus. Casey reportedly referred to COVID-19 as the “glorified flu” and told workers not to worry about it because “it’s not a big deal” and “everyone is going to get it.” On one occasion, Casey intercepted a sick supervisor who was on his way to be tested and ordered him to get back to work, saying, “We all have symptoms — you have a job to do.” After one employee vomited on the production line, managers reportedly allowed the man to continue working and then return to work the next day.

In late March or early April, as the pandemic spread across Iowa, managers at the Waterloo plant reportedly began avoiding the plant floor for fear of contracting the virus. As a result, they increasingly delegated managerial authority and responsibilities to low-level supervisors who had no management training or experience. The supervisors did not require truck drivers and subcontractors to have their temperatures checked before entering the plant.

In March and April, plant supervisors falsely denied the existence of any confirmed cases or positive tests for COVID-19 within the plant, and allegedly told workers they had a responsibility to keep working to ensure Americans didn’t go hungry as the result of a shutdown.

Tyson paid out $500 “thank you bonuses” to employees who turned up for every scheduled shift for three months — a policy decision that allegedly incentivized sick workers to continue reporting for work.

Tyson executives allegedly lobbied Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds for COVID-19 liability protections that would shield the company from lawsuits, and successfully lobbied the governor to declare that only the state government, not local governments, had the authority to close businesses in response to the pandemic.


Stephen Miller. Can he be held legally responsible for his actions?

Hi, I'm not sure this question has been asked but can Stephen Miller be held accountable for his human rights violations the past four years?

I hope so and if he's convicted, I hope the punishment is harsh. We're talking being put away for the rest of his life.

Does Trumpers obstructing traffic/intimidating campaign buses help or hurt with "undecideds"

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