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Fred Sanders

Fred Sanders's Journal
Fred Sanders's Journal
June 26, 2014

Tsilhqot'in First Nation granted B.C. title claim in Supreme Court ruling

Source: CBC

The Supreme Court of Canada has granted declaration of aboriginal title to more than 1,700 square kilometres of land in British Columbia to the Tsilhqot'in First Nation, the first time the court has made such a ruling regarding aboriginal land.

First Nations 'ecstatic' over landmark ruling
B.C. reacts to historic land claim ruling

The unanimous 8-0 decision released Thursday resolves many important legal questions, such as how to determine aboriginal title and whether provincial laws apply to those lands. It will apply wherever there are outstanding land claims.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/tsilhqot-in-first-nation-granted-b-c-title-claim-in-supreme-court-ruling-1.2688332

Legal experts say that native Canadians with treaty land must be consulted and Give consent to any construction or resource project on their lands, the only exemption is if there is a paramount national interest, with burden of proof on the developer or government.
June 26, 2014

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June 26, 2014

Shocking Lerner email she RECEIVED mistakenly from tea party group proves why they needed watching.

Turns out the latest non-discovery discovery proves the point as to why the IRS did and should have investigated illegal spending by these groups. And she did not ask for an audit, she inquired about maybe referring this little ditty mistakenly sent to her email, meant for the good wife of Senator Grassley, the grandfather of the tea party morons, to the Examination Section of the audit department for follow up, long way from an audit as the RW claim.

Lerner recognized it for the copy error it was, but asked a colleague what to do with it as it was apparently an illegal activity at face value. Further investigation, was all she was thinking about.....and it did not actually happen. Repeat, no follow up...was Lerner actually covering for the tea party.....??

Remember, always, kiddies, Fox Lies!

The emails appear to show Lerner mistakenly received an invitation intended for Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, in 2012.

The event organizer, whose name is not disclosed, apparently offered to pay for Grassley's wife to attend the event, which caught Lerner's attention, because social welfare groups paying money to sitting Senators wives to attend functions is obviously political and the money to be spent like this is obviously illegal for a tax exempt group. The December 2012 emails show that in response, Lerner suggested to an IRS colleague that the case be referred for an audit.

"Looked like they were inappropriately offering to pay for his wife. Perhaps we should refer to Exam?" she wrote.

Her colleague, though, pushed back on the idea, saying an offer to pay for his wife is "not prohibited on its face." There is no indication from the emails that Lerner pursued the issue any further.

So it seems that the real truth here is that Fox and friends are trying to get ahead of the story by turning the truth on its head, and the lazy media just soaks it up, they love Fox lies for ratings.

Income to his wife is income to Grassley, not to mention the illegal gift, and that was what was being discussed and they SHOULD have followed up, which they did not, so Lerner the Evil Lackey of Obama just whiffed on an apparent illegality?

Freaking Republicans have more egg on their face as they twist a negative into some kind of propaganda positive because no one in the media can take the time, 5 minutes in my case, to do some basic research whenever Fox is out with another breathless assertion without evidence.

*And I want to know who sent the email, why did the GOP committee erase that name?*

You have to read the exchange for yourself to see how the GOP has so once again utterly and obviously distorted the truth for purely political and propaganda purposes.

There is nothing there there, except for more evidence of tea party disobeying election and campaign financing and tax laws. A good liberal media would have picked up on this long ago, if not instantaneously.


Edit @ 5:22 CST:

MSNBC's Steve Benen summarized the exchange:

Behold, yesterday's blockbuster that set the right's hair on fire. Lerner questioned whether a group had done something wrong, talked to a colleague (legal advisor), and then dropped the whole thing.

June 26, 2014

American Corruption, in real time. Guess who stood in the way of higher flood insurance rates and

who wanted Senator Cochran out of the way?

Why is this never discussed in The mainstream media? Why are left wing theories, far more reasonable and evidence based than Republican unhinged theories, so much more palatable to the media?

The Kochs have committed, so far, to spending more than 300,000,000 dollars on the 2014 election through their publicly disclosable "public welfare" groups and many millions more in secret donations to political organizations and direct contributions, more than the RNC and DNC combined. They meet in secret rooms in luxury hotels to conspire with the leaders of the GOP and bag loads of money and no one reports on this except on blogs and MSNBC only during certain hours.

Two fucking people. Two fucking people corrupting America with floods of money and influence peddling enriching themselves along the way.

And do not hold your breath that the conflicted media that will be showered with all this money will be unbiased.

By Markos Moulitsas
The Hill

"But those two trends — responsiveness to broad public sentiment and to the Democratic base — are compatible. Liberal base priorities are popular with the American public, whereas conservative hot buttons, from Cliven Bundy to Benghazi to Bowe Bergdahl, are fringe and ephemeral. So it’s probably best that Republicans are less beholden to their base than Democrats. The last thing the GOP needs are more Chris McDaniels and Dave Brats."


"Then again, Koch-aligned groups have sided with McDaniel in the Mississippi GOP Senate primary. Why? Because Koch insurance companies would stand to directly benefit from higher flood insurance rates in Mississippi, and incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran stood in their way.

One party is becoming increasingly responsive to a popular majority, while the other is becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries. It’s not hard to see which is destined for broader popular appeal."



Are the right wing sack jobs ever upset with this piece at The Hill, the comments are hilarious, there are a couple of brave liberals commenting and being ruthlessly attacked by the majority wing nut infested The Hill.

June 25, 2014

Mississippi Burning; A lesson in evil sent packing when good people do something simple. Voting.


Reject the fascist annihilates determined to end the democracy in America they so hate. Send them all packing back to their boardrooms and pews clutching their crosses and flags and bundles of cash to corrupt the media and buy elections.

Just do it. Just a few thousand good people, a few thousand good black folk voting for the first time in an election has reshaped American politics, just a few thousand voting for the first time....lesson learned?

Want to send evil packing forever in America? Want to get rid of the creeping Maria law, the billionaire influence, the cult of corruption, the corrupt politicians and corrupt corporations, the corrupt and co-dependent media, want to fight back against the tea bagged teabaggers who are driven to the polls as zombie voters, all critical thinking surgically removed by relentless propaganda spewed by hate radio and hate TV, juiced up on hate and fear?

Want to bring back income equality, prosperity for all, not the chosen few? Want to stop endless war, endless policing of the world?

Religious zealots and cloistered billionaires do not make for good stewards of nations. Never have.

Just do it.

Vote or STFU about your problems, you created them. If you refuse to undo them by not voting, then really, STFU.

June 25, 2014

Attention, Idiot Media, it is not "anti-incumbent fever", it is a hostile takeover bid for the GOP.

Koch puppet McDaniel versus animal "lover" Cochran represents another skirmish in the larger battle and bigger war of the fascists versus the Republicans for control of one party in a two party state.

The Koch fuelled puppet ship represented by figure head McDaniels exposes the soft underbelly of American style democracy, where party nominations are elevated to state or district wide importance not deserving of mere internal party politics, which is all these nominations on both sides are. An eternally played game between the only two teams permitted to ever compete for the championship.

The only cure to this duocracy is to limit money in politics, with limited public funding so that issues become as important as demonization and derogation.

Not as profitable for the media, long unemployment lines for the talking heads.

Hail to California for seeing the light and pushing back against the creeping Maria Law in America.

Edit: live results from the GOP nomination voting- it is tea party crazy supporters versus old guard Republicans that welcomed them in through the back door to defeat the Kenyan usurper.

"Senator Thad Cochran faces off against upstart tea-partier and Mississippi state senator Chris McDaniel in an often-bizarre race that has garnered nationwide attention. McDaniel has the support of tea party mainstays Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul. In Cochran’s corner are retired NFL quarterback Brett Favre, Gov. Phil Bryant and former Sen. Trent Lott."


June 24, 2014

The Refugee Trail of Tears; Murder and Crime In Central America - Region Tops Murder Rate List

Seeing as how no one is actually telling Americans anything more about the refugees other than " they are escaping violence"' if the lazy, crazy media even mentions that, I thought the natural question was to ask, how bad is it?

Really, really bad. so bad I would get out of there, too, and if I had children, I would run.

And as bad as these stats are, all evidence indicates it has only gotten worse.

"In the Americas, homicide rates have been five to eight times higher than those of Europe and Asia since the mid-1950s, the study says, describing the phenomenon as "the legacy of decades of political and crime-related violence."

Honduras: 90.4 (per 100,000)
Venezuela: 53.7
Belize: 44.7
El Salvador: 41.2
Guatemala: 39.9


The report also provides a look at what kinds of weapons were used in homicides around the world.
Firearms: 41%
Sharp objects: 24%
Other: 35%
Source: Global Study on Homicide 2013, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

"A number of factors intervene in the process that leads to the commission of homicide. For example, the availability of a weapon: with their high level of lethality, firearms are the most widely used weapons, accounting for 4 out of every 10 homicides at the global level. The use of psychoactive substances may act as homicide "enablers": the consumption of alcohol and/or illicit drugs increases one's risk of becoming a victim or perpetrator of violence. As well as violence associated with the consumption of illicit drugs, violence associated with the functioning of illicit drug markets can also drive homicide levels, often due to competition between involved parties. Such elements can shape patterns and levels of homicide, and when they are targeted by prevention policies, homicide can be reduced."


June 23, 2014

Evidence based argument and theory is NOT the same as uninformed opinion......but

making it appear so sure makes for cheap and easy work of political and factual news production.

The result is entertainment, news as entertainment, news as manipulation, news as disinformation and misinformation, news as distraction, news as moral preaching. Everything but what the press was given constitutional written protection for in the first place, to be guardians of truth, guardians of free and fair debate, guardians of democracy.

The media pillaring and demonizing Manning and Snowden and Greenwald, is this corrupted shadow of a media lashing back at those that dare the nation to be reminded of their constitutional role.

Maybe they will finally feel guilty enough to make the march back to the watchtower.

June 21, 2014

WATCH: Remote Canadian First Nationís kids create haunting version of Cup Song


"You're Going To Miss Me When I'm Gone"

WATCH: The young people of Berens River First Nation, in Manitoba, have taken a popular song and turned it into something that may make non-aboriginal people take a second look at their First Nation community and in a different light. Lauren McNabb explains.

WINNIPEG – Children from the remote Berens River First Nation in Manitoba have posted a YouTube video that combines images of decay on the reserve with an upbeat popular song.

The children of the remote community are sent to residential boarding schools or private homes far away from their homes for continuing education, as education in the community ends with Grade 9.

The song captures the melancholy of the youth in this poverty stricken reserve still not wanting to leave the natural beauty of their home to go into what amounts to a much richer but foreign country not that far in distance but still remote from their doorsteps.

The Cup Song, a traditional song combined with a percussion game played with cups, has been recreated on YouTube multiple times — but the Berens River video stands out with its slick production and haunting images from a place where many young people feel they have to leave to succeed. The community is 275 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

“When I’m gone, when I’m gone, you know you’re going to miss me when I’m gone,” Tatyanna Munkman sings and Alex Semple plays guitar as they walk from a rotting vehicle to a beautiful waterfront view.

"It sure would be prettier with you", is the translation of the video title.


Edit note: it starts a little slow with a no-musical intro., start at one minute mark if you like.
June 21, 2014

American Interactive Map of Hate, Southern Poverty Center, Alabama is Number One


Southern Poverty Law Center Map of Hate: 22 Active Hate Groups In Alabama
by: countrycat
Fri Jun 13, 2014 at 08:36:51 AM CDT

"Well, it's a real melting pot of intolerance that contains Neo Nazis, Neo Confederates, White Nationalists, the Nation of Islam, and the plain old KKK. Alabama is tied with Mississippi in this survey, but far behind Georgia, which has 50 cells identified."



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