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Fred Sanders

Fred Sanders's Journal
Fred Sanders's Journal
October 1, 2018

Cartoon from Michael De Adder Saskatoon Star-Phoenix Jan. 12, 2018


To which I would add...NOW? What took so long? I see no clear picture....

September 23, 2018

In defence of Michael Moore...

Why is Moores's point that the only two parties with any political power forever and ever being at least somewhat beholden to corporate interests be controversial?

It is of course true that Republicans are very different in being openly tied to corporations and particularly Wall Street and banks and fossil fuel, etc. That they are corrupt and rotten through and through is obvious by now to the public. It is a very smart thing to make Republican corruption a top election plank.

But if Democratics do not cut the cord with corporate cash...Citizens United does not mean we have to play by a no rule rule book...how does the pubic see the difference? Bernie drew a clear line in the sand about that and was crucified from all sides because the whole thing unfortunately became tribal and the issue got buried. The S word was mentioned and all hell broke out.

Can't we have a civil discussion anymore? Is it because the discussion fuels discomfort? Isn't discomfort part of debate and discussion in search of reformation? In example, talk about the definition "white privilege" to a room full of mainly white folk who think they know what it means and you might grasp my point. I've been there.

Case in illustration...Presidential inaugurations.

Taxpayer portion of the ceremony is in the ball park of one million dollars, for security, set up, refreshments, etc...

The cost of the week long festivities rises into the tens of millions and Shitler's near 100 million!

Check out all past President's inauguration costs...it is obscene. It is a coronation event that belongs in Game of Thrones, not in a representative democracy. And the public sees no difference by party as the pageantry unfolds. Could we begin there and refuse corporate cash for that at least?

Bias, corporate bias in my example, is bad. The perception of bias is even worse. Americans may know Republicans are biased towards corporations but at least they can look a real monster in the eye and deal with it.

With perception of bias the monsters are only limited by the imagination.

Which is what Moore is trying to tell us and making us very, very uncomfortable.


P.s. Have not seen the movie because no need...Moore is repeating the unlearned lesson, is all.

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