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Citizens of West L.A. -- protect yourselves with cans of beans and iron skillets!

“The citizens need to know they need to be able to protect themselves because if they call 911, we can’t guarantee we’re going to get there in time to help you,” says Police Protective League President Jamie McBride.


I heard this story on the drive home on KNX tonight!

(Laughing to keep from screaming!)

Attorney General Harris -- another gun control hypocrite

The horrifying ineptitude and dishonesty of so many gun restriction supporters has left me with the sense that nothing should surprise me anymore. That said, this article by Chuck Michel - well cited - found me following one face-palm with another.......with another.......and another:

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a candidate actively campaigning for the Senate seat that is opening up with Barbara Boxer’s retirement, recently made the news when she tried to shame members of Congress for refusing to enact unconstitutional and counterproductive gun-control laws. “They should have closed the chambers of Congress on the House and the Senate side, and said all you members go in there, only you, and spread out the autopsy photographs of [the school children who were killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting] and [required] them to look at those photographs. And then vote your conscience,” Harris said at Politicon, a political convention held in Los Angeles. Wow! That’s some pretty extreme rhetoric. But is the pot calling the kettle black here?

Harris is the highest level law enforcement officer in California, and the head of the Department of Justice (DOJ). DOJ is responsible for maintaining criminal records, mental illness records, records of those who have become ineligible to possess firearms, and all of the databases used to perform background checks on gun buyers, to register firearms, and to take firearms away from people who are prohibited from possessing them but who still have firearms registered in their name. Those records, and the related databases, are a hot mess. As the California State Auditor has confirmed not once but twice, Harris herself is responsible for maintaining those systems. And she has repeatedly dropped the ball. Under her leadership, DOJ has failed to properly implement, manage, and administer California’s gun laws and associated databases and records.



Mental health treatment is the first line of defense in preventing mass shootings. Recent statistics by the U.S. Department of Health indicate that approximately 11 million U.S. adults, or 4.8 percent of the population, were diagnosed with serious mental illnesses in 2009.16 Critical incidents involving the mentally ill, such as the school shootings in Newtown, Isla Vista and others, underscore the seriousness of detecting and treating mental illnesses. Even President Obama has claimed that increased funding for mental health would reduce violent crimes committed with firearms. But Harris, who has the power to prompt action on this issue, has stood on the sidelines while billions of dollars in funds collected and specifically earmarked for mental health treatment in California remains unspent. Meanwhile, mental health treatment programs throughout the state are chronically underfunded.


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