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Hometown: San Diego
Current location: Oceanside
Member since: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 01:03 AM
Number of posts: 2,375

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Not *ONE* reference to "gun control" at the Chris Hayes town hall event.

I wonder why. The people of Chicago understand that poverty and lack of opportunity are the drivers of gun violence in their city, and understand that NO gun restriction -- statewide or national -- holds any promise as a remedy. Which is exactly what honest criminologists have been saying for decades. Get at the root cause rather than adopt lazy knee-jerk "fixes". I'm guessing that Democrats will double-down in '18 and beyond......and the consequences will be the same as they've always been.

Federal judge blocks new California gun control law requiring disposal of large-capacity magazines

Haven't been paying attention to 2A issues for a while -- this got in under the radar:


Prototypical mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging cowardly gun humping ammosexual


"Hi I’m Eric Hung, and I know…I look like the stereotypical gun owner.

I’m a biomedical engineer (go Blue Devils) and an entrepreneur who co-founded Educator.com, a math & science video tutorial site for high school and college students.

I guess I just gravitate towards educating people about stuff I love.

And I really love my guns because…they are just fun. I feel not enough people say that reason. Self-defense and hunting are all great, but I love guns because they are fun to shoot, fun to take apart, fun to compete with, and fun to upgrade. They satisfy my engineering impulse and I love the peaceful Zen of shooting.

In my spare time when I’m not Pew-Pew-ing, I play video games, travel, eat fried things, and spend time with my beautiful wife and two cats Pepper & Patches (Trigger and Colt were vetoed)."


Never mind.
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