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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,283

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Why is the us border patrol in tactical gear at the el Paso shooting ?

I would expect police swat teams, ATF, FBI and the like but why is the border patrol involved ? Are they trying to arrest people while they are evacuating the mall ? I would not put it past them. They have done that at the exit of courthouses, schools, churches. Etc..

The shooting is tragic enough not to have these goons also terrorize poor people of Hispanic descent that are in the area.

Michael Moore totally lost it.

His solution to beat trump ? That's easy, let's ask Michelle Obama to run... l

wow. Joy Reid is saying Biden did fine

And his support amongst the African American community will remain strong.
Its surprising given how critical she has been of Biden in her past broadcasts.

Transcripts to Mueller hearing are here:


Why did Mueller say that going against the olc opinion would be unconstitutional?

I am not a lawyer so I dont understand the reason. I thought that the only body that could rule about the constitutionality of something is the supreme court ?

The department of justice policy about not indicting a sitting president is just the result of a legal analysis by a team of olc lawyers. It has not been tested in court ( as far as I know) .
I find it hard to believe that the executive branch can just draft opinions and declare that part of the constitution. What am I missing ?

Justice department letter to mueller

Trying to restrict what he can say even thought he is no longer an employee. Is it me or does it read like a threatening letter a lawyer for the mob would send ?

Particularly the ending : " i trust this information will be useful to you"...

Who would have standing to refer to the international court of human rights ?

I know the Trump administration will not do anything if their justice department headed by Barr gets lawsuits regarding the treatment of migrants at the border.
I am wondering if some entity would have standing to sue them in an international court of human rights ?

Having international arrest warrants issued for the people that are actively enabling these horrors ( head of cbp, local border patrol chiefs of these centers, etc.. ) may be effective.

Rho Khanna is pushing for a censure vote rather than impeachment.

This sounds a bit like weak sauce to me. Most voters dont care about political maneuvers of this kind. Trump supporters even less. Only impeachment inquiries will have a chance to move the needle.

my friend is running for the 64th district

After years in the trenches as a progressive activist helping democrats to get elected, Michele Joyce has decided to run for the virginia 64th district house seat.

I have known her for 20 years and worked closely with her both in a professional capacity and on some of her get out the vote initiatives. She will make a wonderful delegate. Please support her if you can.

here is her facebook page:


and the actblue link:


Mueller went to paper.

Chuck Rosenberg on Rachel characterizing mueller's reaction to barr false conclusions as "going to paper". Apparently you do that at DOJ to cover yourself if its really important and you think it could have big legal consequences later on. In my workplace, we do that via emails and technotes.
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