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I don't communicate with bigots and jerks.

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My day was just made. Queen played at the Oscars

Well Brian and Roger anyway. John wont/cant perform but still it made me happy. I have loved them since I was 10 years old watching Flash Gordon with my dad on our new VCR. He played News Of The World for me because I liked the music from the movie. I was hooked and saved up my allowance to buy all of their tapes. When Freddy died I was devestated. I remember watching the video for "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" and I was just so sad and angry about how demonized people with AIDS were. The fact that I was pretty sure I was gay made it even more difficult.

Anyway, seeing them perform with Lambert. It was great. If Freddy is somewhere looking down, I have to believe he would be pleased even if the movie was lacking in some areas.


Had to share.
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