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Couple give Nazi Salute at Holocaust Memorial and WWII Memorial in Providence

A beat-up old Cadillac with Massachusetts plates had parked near the front of the restaurant, and a man and a woman wearing Nazi paraphernalia had gotten out.

The man wore a red “Make America Great Again” hat and a red armband with a black swastika on it. The woman wore a matching armband and a swastika T-shirt.

“I said out loud, ‘Are you kidding me?’” said Pierson, who lives in Pawtucket and works in an office right next to Parkside Rotisserie on South Main Street.

The swastika-wearing pair crossed the street to the Holocaust Memorial, leaned on the various statues, took pictures and laughed, Pierson said.

Pierson’s account was corroborated by another witness at the restaurant.

“I confronted them,” said Pierson, who left the restaurant and walked over to the memorial.

″‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’” she said she told them. ”‘How dare you do this?’”

The woman responded sarcastically, Pierson said, and the two walked back to their car. Pierson called the police and saw a cruiser drive by a short while later, but didn’t think there was much the police could do.

Nevertheless, Pierson said she was horrified by the sight. The man, she said, had swastikas tattooed where his eyebrows should be.


more at link

Border Patrol Lies and malfeasance

This story was relayed by my wife's new coworker. She is here on a work visa from Quebec. When she was crossing the border recently she observed border patrol tell a several French Canadian college kids that they could not enter America because they only spoke broken English. Her exact words were: "You cannot enter THIS (emphasis NOT mine) country if you can't speak the language."

From what I understand this wasn't her only experience observing and experiencing unprofessional and disrespectful behavior by border patrol and immigration officials.

You know, the way we behave towards the citizens of our supposed "allies" (I say supposed because we certainly haven't treated them like allies lately) sooner or later their governments are going to hit back and start making it very difficult for Americans to visit/work. As much as I love my passport, inconvenience is a big motivator for change. If enough privileged assholes realize that they can't just go wherever the hell they want, they might just be inconvenienced enough to start a clamor.
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