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Member since: Fri Jul 4, 2014, 03:09 PM
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I don't communicate with bigots and jerks.

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Something is very wrong and very broken.

I am not talking about our political system and government. Everyone already knows that is broken and it doesnt matter the party affiliation.

I was reading the thread and related article regarding the 23 year old American citizen Francisco Galicia who is suing ICE and Customs and Border Patrol for depriving him of his rights and liberty. It occured to me that shouldn't I be protesting loudly in the street? This is a young man who was victimized for no other reason than his skin color. As terrible as that is, there are children, actual little boys and girls who are in the exact same situation. They have no proper clothes, beds, blankets, adequate food, soap and toothbrushes. Some of our enemies from previous wars treated our captured soldiers better than we are treating these children. Yet why are we not protesting? We occupied Wall Street and many other cities 8 years ago for reasons quite frankly far less abhorrent and dire. Make no mistake wealth Inequality, corporate corruption and predatory business/banking practices are of great concern. It is an issue that must be addressed. We managed to engage in civil disobedience to disrupt and annoy in protest over those issues. We did so in tremendous numbers but where are we now?

Surely the treatment of these men, women and children must generate more outrage. These kids are dying. They are living in feces with no access to the basic necessities. Why are we so stagnant in light of these facts? I include myself in this. I just dont understand. We are all outraged over this. I know I am.

Shouldnt our response be greater? Am I wrong in feeling we are somehow broken?

Here is the article that sparked this post. Thanks for reading.


I love this night, this time of year.

The smell of fireworks permeate the air. That scent of sulfur and saltpeter from the blackpowder. I love it so much. The house will smell like this all night into the morning. Walking outside I can hear the explosions from every direction. Homeowners firing their purchases. The district's and towns surrounding us performing their displays.

Even though we live in difficult and trying times. Even though we have a sociopath in office with a complicit Senate, I can set aside all that to enjoy the general feeling of happiness, family and friendship that I hear from my neighbors. I feel the joy and relaxation. Tomorrow or the next day we will all feel as we did yesterday but right now everyone around me is content. They are enjoying the sounds and sights of explosions in the air. Their noses full of that carbon and sulfur.

Tonight I will go to sleep with some peace. I know our history is tragic but some parts are wonderous. Some parts we should celebrate. I think about those times tonight... with fireworks in my ears, in my nose.
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