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Member since: Sat Jul 12, 2014, 10:57 AM
Number of posts: 5,191

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I wish Melania would take Baron and leave.

It would be great to see Faux News and the Christian Right forced to confront Trumps affair with a porn star.

Huckabee Sanders: Standard Operating Procedure to have a Congressional Witness talking to the White

House in real time when testifying.

So Goebbelvision, aka Fox, knew about Trumps affair with Stormy Daniels, but sat on the story.

Remember their pious seriousness of the Lewinski affair?

They said they couldn't "verify the facts." When has that ever stopped them before?

When is Tom Cotton up for reelection?

I will send his oppenet $100.00.

Little asshole covered for Trump and accused my Senator, Dick Durbin, of a "history of misleading statements." Blatant Lie!

Yesterday was Trump's "My Pet Goat" Moment

For 38 minutes Hawaiians thought they were about to be nuked and where was Trump? Golfing, of course.

Does anyone thing North Korea didn't take notice of our "asleep at the wheel" president? Imagine Fox if that had been President Obama.....

I don't EVER want to hear another FUCKING RIGHT WING REPUBLICAN talk about how great they are on national security!

So have Sen Gillibrand and Schumer called on Trump to resign over the porn star allegation?

Yeah; I thought not!

A shithole question:

Why were the Democrats even contemplating trading DACA for the billions it would cost to build a border wall? Sounds like a "Shit deal" to me!

Democratic Message of the Day:

McConnell, Ryan, and the GOP own this train wreck of a presidency by letting it to continue!


The Shithead in charge of the Shitshow is in no position to talk about any nation as a Shithole!

Just sayin....
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