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Chasstev365's Journal
Chasstev365's Journal
December 20, 2017

If Trump fires Rosenstein and gets someone else to fire Mueller, how much protest will there be?

I am committed, as I know many of you are, but what about the rest of America?

Also will Republicans praise it or remain silent?

This will be a critical event in this nation's history!

Be Ready!

December 20, 2017

New Democratic Talking Point to be Echoed by All:

The Republican Party answers to no one other than their billionaire donors and literally will not care when grandma and grandpa starves to death or dies on the street.

That is who they are!

(I know its obvious, but if needs to keep being repeated to give the public pause)

December 20, 2017

The perfect title when people start losing their Social Security and Medicare:

"Paul Ryan Shrugged"

THAT is who these people are!

December 20, 2017

You know the best part of the tax bill? "We fulfilled our campaign promise!"

It's going to fuck people over, but we did it!

December 19, 2017

I was just thinking how if he was still around, Ted Kennedy would have

slammed Trump for collusion, the GOP for trying to cover it up, and this immoral tax theft.

"Where does the greed end?"

Senator Kennedy, you wouldn't believe we they are about to do!

December 18, 2017

It's official: Susan Collins supports the Tax Bill!

Big surprise

NEVER AGAIN, let her pretend to be a moderate!

December 18, 2017

A couple of Putin Questions

A. Is there any chance he could be ousted in Russia?
B. If he was ousted, would all he did to fuck over the West come to light?

December 17, 2017

At the store: The National Inquitor is claiming The Clintons rigged the Trump investigation!

I know, laughable, but DAM IT: there are a lot of idiots out there!

December 17, 2017

As well as Trump and the GOP, I want Goebellvision, aka Fox "News", to go down!

It is unfucking believable how they are spreading lies and disinformatipn to sink Robert Mueller, a Republican with an impeccable record.

A free press is one thing, but a political mouth piece covering for crimes is quite another.

December 17, 2017

When are the Democrats going to start screaming it:

The Republicans and Fox are desperately trying to obstruct justice! It is so obvious to people like us who follow this stuff, but not to the masses!

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