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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 8,586

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Fauci doesn't think Americans should ever shake hands again. Got it!

When social distancing ends I'll be doing the Obama "terrorist" fist bump!

The Obamas were so far ahead of the times. We were blessed!

I'm beginning to think it's a no-brainer for Joe.

Kamala Harris

I was a Pete supporter and, for sure, that high and inside heater pissed me off but fuck that now. Our nation is in deep trouble and losing is not an option.

Dr. Scarf looks like she's ready to start crying!

Go ahead. Walk the fuck off that shit show stage.

Donnie Corona couldn't even lift Cuomo's jockstrap.

One's a leader and the other's a punk, a bully and a con.

to Governor Cuomo.

Jake Tapper on SOTU: Mr. President, Do You Have a Plan?

Anybody see Tapper read his open letter to impotus at the end of his show? Totally damning!

"Mr. President, do you have one?"

Must see tv. It reruns at Noon ET.

"Governors are playing politics with ventilator requests" - Don Covid

The only valid test of leadership is the ability to lead and to lead vigorously - JFK

Don Covid has failed the test. Final Grade: F

If this clown doesn't scare the shit out of you nothing will.

Fuck you, donnie.

701,000 Jobs Lost in March.

Thanks Trump.

Source: CNBC

Did dump leave and then come back or what?

I thought it left when he turned over to dense but heeeeeeee's back.

Now they need to make up another lie.

Where in the hell did all of those masks come from? Cuomo and other governors have been begging for them. Maybe Princess Ivanka has been working through the night at her sewing machine.

Oh F**K! Jared's at the COVID shit show! nt

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