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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 11:47 AM
Number of posts: 2,931

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Oh those silly patriots make the headlines again...

Sounds like some serious Nixon type activity. Breaking in to steal plays among other things that were not previously revealed in the spy-gate scandal. Cheatriot fans must be proud.


Former Clinton aide to plead the 5th

I thought you only do that to avoid implicating yourself in illegal activity? hmmm...

Responding to additional requests regarding Clinton's private server from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley's staff, Pagliano's legal counsel also said yesterday that "he would plead the 5th to any and all questions if he were compelled to testify" before the Judiciary Committee, according to a spokesman for the senator.


edit: The aide was the IT person responsible for maintaining her personal email server

Do you think president trump is going to ban mexican food from the US as well?

I hope not, I just found a good burrito place close by with strong margaritas

France train gunman 'dumbfounded' by terrorism allegations


Guy is probably dumbfounded by a lot of things that happened since the dark ages. He must be sitting there thinking "what?? I can't kill infidels where I find them??? Since when?"

Iran's leader not happy about "Mash Donalds" knock off in Tehran


Some pretty ironic material in there.

The supreme leader of Iran went off about American influence in his country, saying that even with a newly struck nuclear deal, they will "block all attempts of penetration of Iran." The funny thing being that he said this on twitter. So much for blocking American culture.

Next we have general Mohammad Reza Naghdi, a leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps: "We thought that they would bring Boeing technology, but they want to bring McDonald’s". So a General from a country we haven't had diplomatic ties with since the 70's, and are some what hostile towards, thinks that were gonna hand over classified Boeing technology to them.

We found leaders that are actually more delusional than G W Bush

On the bright side, Mash Donalds actually makes fresh hand cut fries. I want to see their menu.

70 years ago Japan quit fighting a war of aggression

In which many atrocities were committed (Nanking, non-Japanese east Asian's used as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers, Bataan death march, etc.) in the name of Japanese nationalism. The current PM of Japan spoke on this topic, and said that Japan has apologized enough, and future generations shouldn't have to keep repeating the same apology. For what its worth, I agree with him. Japanese youth of today had nothing to do with WW2... it happened, and we should be over it 70 years later.

We should also take a moment to thank everyone who helped bring that terrible part of world history to an end

Hillary asks people on twitter to explain how their student debt makes them feel in 3 emojis...

...because people who went to college can't express themselves using words?

Or is there an emoji with a stick figure trying to carry a 40,000 pound rock on their shoulders that I am not aware of?


I know there are a number of cheatriots fans that post... what do New Englanders think

of the Tom Brady suspension being upheld? Is he still "innocent because he says so"?

He gets to keep his superbowl ring, and its only a 4 game suspension, so the patriots could still go 12-4 next year. That's not the end of the world by any means. I think the rest of the football community would just like an admission and apology... I'm sure the Colts are owed one

Gilbert Arenas banned from county fair after winning all the prizes


"Per his Instagram, the three-time All-Star was banned from all basketball hoops"

Bible thumping bible studying (obvious religious conservatives)

Shouldn't corrupt others with stupid mythological teachings, right? Such teachings only harm the democracy by infecting it with more and more closed minded voters
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