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Member since: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 11:47 AM
Number of posts: 2,931

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I am 78% with Hillary Clinton and 73% with Bernie Sanders

I'm still a hard core Bernie Sanders supporter. Gotta go with who I think will be best for the country.

Pragmatism. It works to elect the lesser of 2 evils. In my current opinion, I am done with it.

My fears with the TAA (and therefore TPA) down vote

First, I'm against the TPP and am therefore glad the TAA didn't pass, as it is 1 of 3 packaged bills that all had to be passed in order for this trade deal to pass as a whole.

From what I read, it is scheduled to come up for a vote again early next week, and my fear is that I have seen spineless dems do this crap before... "vote against it before they vote for it". IE, trying to play both sides of the fence. They got their 'NO' votes recorded, now they can vote 'YES' the second time, and come next election they can cherry pick which vote they choose to emphasize.

I know I'm jumping ahead of myself on this, but its happened quite famously before and I'm worried about history repeating itself... lets get some god damn spines and shut this thing down for good!

Hillary Clinton, 20 members of the press, and a reverend walk into a bakery

...where she quotes the scripture that the reverend was reading, thus winning him over as a voter.

The punch line is that some people think this happened just by random chance, instead of being a carefully planned PR stunt... lolol

Putin plays with NHL veterans, scoring 8 goals

Is there anything he can't do??



Bernie's plan regarding global economics and trade deals

Its really good. I can't tell it to you though, its classified. But trust me, its the best thing for us all.

Since that is now put to rest, lets start a discussion about his plan for waking up in the morning. I heard he will be using an alarm on his phone, which is good as it isn't vulnerable to a temporary power outage over night. I just have one question... does anyone know if he drinks coffee in the morning??

If we all felt a "gut punch" by the full court pressure Obama put on the TPP deal,

Did Obama feel an equal "gut punch" when it got rejected yesterday? We can only hypothesize of course, but it is satisfying to punch back after you get punched first.

DEA warns Utah lawmakers that legal pot could lead to stoned rabbit attacks

As if sober rabbit attacks weren't bad enough! Now we may get attacked by pot crazed rabbits... just think of the Mony Python and the Holy Grail scene and imagine if the rabbit was hopped up on weed!


Will the Clinton's be dead broke again after Hilary's tenure as president?

She said it made them go broke once... why on earth would she want to go broke twice??

HBO subscribers...

Get your popcorn ready, 9pm is coming!

White people, don't forget to check your white privilege

... box on your tax forms. It reduces your federal tax rate by a cool 10%. April 15 is coming.
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