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Member since: Fri Oct 31, 2014, 05:16 PM
Number of posts: 8,941

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Before noon today I would like DWSchultz to either resign or be fired. She has always been in way

over her head, she did nothing organizationally for the party, especially Florida..where she lives for god's sake. I hope Dr. Dean has something to say regarding this...

What about Ernst?....n/t

Appreciation thread for Steve Kornacki, guy really knows his stuff and if it wasn't for him I

would be at TCM. Thanks Steve, you keep it interesting...

52%-44% with Crist ahead. What is Ed talking about that it's too close to call? Am

I missing something???

I'm hoping Tweety has little or no time on the panel tonight but if he is, how hyper

do you think he will get. I really think Democrats are going to do well tonight and the loss of McConnell and Rick Scott will be all of the talk..Tweety will be beside himself with his "analysis" and forget about watching Scarborough tomorrow, he will be insufferable....Good luck to us tonight..

Whoa, "Palm Beach Post" endorsing mostly Democrats...

Here are the Post’s endorsements for the Nov. 4 election:

U.S. House, District 18 — Patrick Murphy, Democrat

U.S. House, District 20 — Alcee L. Hastings, Democrat

U.S. House, District 21 — Ted Deutch, Democrat

U.S. House, District 22 — Lois Frankel, Democrat

Governor — Charlie Crist, Democrat

Attorney General — George Sheldon, Democrat

Chief Financial Officer — Jeff Atwater, Republican

Agriculture Commissioner — Adam Putnam, Republican

Florida Senate, District 32 — Joe Negron, Republican

Florida Senate, District 34 — Maria Sachs, Democrat

Florida House, District 82 — Mary Higgins, Democrat

Florida House, District 86 — Mark Pafford, Democrat

Florida House, District 88 — Bobby Powell, Democrat

Florida House, District 89 — David Silvers, Democrat

For the latest most concise news on election night, plus I might add the most

entertaining, keep it right here on DU. Keep the tv on in the background so we can laugh at Tweety and read the news from all over the country. DU covers the four corners of the nation and we have active DUers in all of them. I cannot wait...

I am so over Huffington Post. Their headlines are anti-Dems, doom, gloom....Ugh..n/t

Oh lordy. Mika thinks this will be a sad day for Dems as "new" numbers are out for. Joe thinks

the Dems will not turn out as pubbies are now moving and motivated. I feel a great movie coming in my future...
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